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I'm a second-time test taker and I'm literally sick to my stomach. The first time I went into the test thinking I knew, well I was humbled very quickly. This time I went in very confident and knew how to apply my critical thinking and how to answer the questions. Then I ask myself, why do I feel like I did horrible? The test shut off at 75 questions. I want to believe I did well vs I really failed. Give me some positive vibes! Any feedback is great!

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Nobody walks away from taking the NCLEX feeling good about it, LOL. The odds are definitely in your favor as the majority of those whose tests cut off after the minimum number of questions seem to pass.

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Have you found out yet?? 

It's my understanding that it's rare to fail at 75 questions. Since it's looking for you to hold at a minimum competency level, most who are below the level get more than 75 to determine whether they can hit the level.


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I passed, praise God! I'm officially an RN!

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FOZ said:

I passed, praise God! I'm officially an RN!


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