2nd Entry Nursing Applications for Sept. 2013 - U of T, York, McMaster

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Also if know who is good for getting placement areas you want...I am thinking some I already want like oncology.


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Hey Marty,

I think all schools are pretty fair in their placements and I do not believe one is better than the others. I attended an information session and I know they do try to give students what they choose and what is also closest to their residential area so students are spread all over


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I'm thrilled that someone decided to put in the grunt work and start this thread, it's a great reference point for many of us that

are anxiously awaiting an acceptance letter to the nursing program of our choice. Has anyone heard back from U of T?

There's a bit of confusion on my part as to when offers will be sent out because their website says one thing and the letter confirming the receipt of my application says another. Given that some universities are sending out offers earlier than expected, I'm hoping that U of T will do the same, so if anyone out there has received the great news, please let us know. Best of luck to all of you!!!

Pink Tulip

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UfT says on their website and in the e-mail that offers will start in April and go until June. Maybe you looked at the wrong part of the site? They will come, just be patient. :D


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3.66 GPA overall and 3.63 in my last 30 credits with a major in Psychology. What about yourself?


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I'm also an internal applicant. How is your gpa and what major are you?

3.66 GPA overall and 3.63 in my last 30 credits with a major in Psychology.


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Does anyone know how many offers have been made for Western?

poko, BSN, RN

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Specializes in Community/ Home Health.

I applied to Trent and still waiting to hear back (compressed).

Lakehead- accepted there

I applied to some 4 year programs, and so far rejected from Georgian/York and Brock.

Still waiting for Ryerson/GB and Ryerson/Centennial. NOt feeling so good :(


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Hey everyone!

I got an acceptance email from UofT this afternoon! I also called Denice Litzan at UWO and found out that they have already accepted me there as well - she said I'll get my acceptance letter sometime next week. I've been anxiously checking these forums for weeks, and it's been really helpful so I thought I'd sign up and stop lurking.

I'm in my fourth year at UofT, my cGPA is a 3.91 and my GPA is 3.97 in my last 5 full credits (88.5% in my last 10 credits for Western applicants). I'm still waiting on Mac at the moment, but I know they send out acceptances a little later on.

Wishing everyone all the best!


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Congrats!! Thats so awesome.!


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Congrats!! UofT is my first choice, still anxiously waiting to hear back


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Congratulations Pixiwoo,

Lets hope that you've started a trend and that more acceptance letters are to follow. I hope that you're extremly proud of yourself!!!!!

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