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NCSBN NCLEX-RN Review (Failed first time)


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Thank you I will be doing hurst 5 weeks course

Hi! Guys!! This will be my third time taking the Nclex RN exam. My study material was Saunders, Nclex mastery app, incredibly easy, exam cram, 35 page study guide and NCSBN. I have no clue on how to prepare myself this third time around. I was thinking about Hurst or finding a virtual tutor. NCSBN was great and reasonable for the couple of weeks that I had it.

I failed in once already as well but reading posts on here i saw this book is recommended Prioritization, Delegation, and Assignment: Practice Exercises for the NCLEX Examination, 2e. Also hurst, kaplan and ncsbn which you said you already took. Im thinking of doing hurst and ncsbn 5 weeks. Good luck to you and we can do this

Thanks@Darjana1, I'm going to take your advice and go get the Delegation and Priority book, and do hurst. Giving up is not an option, and yes we can and will do this because we are already nurses. Thanks for your reply.

Hi Guys!

I am in the same boat.. I took my NCLEX for the first time and failed. I used Kaplan.. I did all the Q-bank questions and trainers. I also did some questions from Saunders, and Nclex mystery App. Now I am looking into buying the NCSBN review as well... is there a difference between 3, 5 or 8 weeks besides the time and money? Just wondering if there's any content or # of question difference.. Also, which one would you guys recommend? Please help! I just received my letter from BRN today and I was near the passing level in everything. Thank you!!!

Hi Amy - Did you feel like you were already strong in content when you used the NCSBN? I'm currently registered for Kaplan so I have a wealth of questions to use from them (most are application/analysis NCLEX-style). My weakness is content so do think the NCSBN 3 week review is enough? I'm also debating on purchasing a Saunders or Hurst instead to cover content. Thanks for your thoughts!

I waited over a year to take my Nclex the first time. I did the Kaplan review and I failed at about 150 questions. I then purchased Hurst Review and received 265 questions on Nclex just to fail again. I was running my own business and had almost left the idea of being a Nurse. It was almost year 3 past my graduation date when I found a couple of videos from Nursity. I wanted something more up to date with the changes in the Nclex then Hurst or Kaplan. I purchased the Nursity program for about $260. I spent over a month studying and still receive 265 question but this time I passed. One difference I found with Nursity is that he brakes it down to what you need to know. Where everyone else makes you feel like you need to know everything. He simplifies Pharm and EKG's to where you will actually remember it. I'm probably one of the only students to buy Kaplan, Hurst and Nursity. Not including all of the Saunders and other books. If only I would have found Nursity first.

Brent RN

Hi!! How were you doing on your q reviews?!?! I take my nclex in 4 days and I took Hurst and NCSBN! However my q review scores are mostly 60% and 70%. Sometimes it will be 75% and i'm freaking out because I already failed the nclex once couple months back!

I am also doing Hurst, and in a few weeks I'm going to start the NCSBN online review.

Did you do well on the NCLEX on this last attempt :writing:?