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  1. Hello all, I am interested in attaining wound care certification and I am not sure where to start. I was researching Wound care certification programs and notice there are various types of certifications (WOCN, WOCNCB etc) Can someone explain to me the difference. Also, do anyone know any programs near NYC or even online that you can recommend? I am a home care/ public health nurse and I see variety of wounds (ostomies, surgical, diabetic, pressure ulcers) during daily visits.
  2. CeceStar5

    Stony Brook FNP Summer 2018

    Thanks for the response
  3. How long did it take to be accepted into the Lpn-Rn program?

    1. CeceStar5


      around 3 to 4 weeks after I submitted my complete application and paid the application fee

    2. Jonesn


      Thank you

  4. CeceStar5

    Monroe College LPN to RN Program

    Hello, I went to Monroe and was in both the LPn and RN programs. I believe you have to have an LPN license if you are from another school and if you are a graduate from Monroes LPN program, you have to get the license within the first semester of the RN program. Not sure if its change. I graduated in 2014
  5. CeceStar5

    Accelerated Nursing Program - Low GPA

    Hi there, So I was accepted into Monroe College in the Bronx. I was accepted into their LPN program. Started January 2012 and program ended in December 2012. Started Monoe College RN AAS program January 2013. Took the LPN (NCLEX) boards in March 2013 and passed. Worked as LPN per diem while finishing the RN program. RN program ended in December 2013. Took my boards in April 2014 and passed. At this time Monroe started their BSN program, It wasn't accredited so I was accepted to Downstate and got my bachelors. Although many would say why did you start from scratch, being that I had another Bachelors degree... I have no regrets. I was able to feel out whether or not I like nursing through the roles of being a LPN and RN. My advice to everyone reading this is... DONT let a low GPA discourage you from doing what you want to do. It may have took me longer to become a RN but I still reach my goal. Good Luck to everyone. You Can Do it!
  6. CeceStar5

    Accelerated Nursing Program - Low GPA

    The school I went to was Monroe College in the Bronx
  7. CeceStar5

    Monroe College Winter 2013 Nursing

    Hey folks, I am proud to say that I am a graduate of Monroes LPN and RN program. I have no complaints whatsoever. The professors and nursing administration were excellent. Some tough and not so tough. They truly and genuinely care- Thats the spirit of Monroe College. Everyone cares even the president of the college. I have heard horror stories from other nursing students at CUNY schools and other schools and I must say we NEVER as students were treated unfairly or disrespected by the nursing staff. They will go out of their way to make sure you grasp nursing even when we are unsure. As far as working- I had no problem finding a job as a LPN and as a RN when I completed the program. I graduated from the LPN program Dec 2012 and I graduated from the RN program in December 2013. I am currently working as a RN and I feel that I was very prepared. As far as accredidation I dont think anyone should worry too much about their accrediation because its the license that matters. I am not in Monroes BSN program but I am in a RN to BS program at another school and I was admitted into the school with no problem. Hope this helps anyone.
  8. CeceStar5

    Brookdale University Hospital & Medical Center

    Yea i tried. I work weekends per diem in a small nursing home and they are on the verge of closing.. so they are not updating me as a RN.. i work in a hospital monday thru friday as a secretary as well as go to school at this hospital for my BSN and the hospital wont hire me unless my BSN is complete.. I have went on a few interviews.. and was told even with my Lpn experience, they will not hire me without Rn experience... just cant win...
  9. CeceStar5

    Brookdale University Hospital & Medical Center

    Thank you so much. Brookdale is the last place I want to work but I need to show some type of RN experience so I can land the job I desire. Even with my LPN experience I havent been receiving many interviews.
  10. CeceStar5

    Open House/Career Fair

    Thanks for the info guys
  11. CeceStar5

    Brookdale University Hospital & Medical Center

    Did you guys apply to Brookdale online? Where can I submit an application and resume to them? The website wasnt really helpful. Please help
  12. Hey folks, any updates? Where are you guys working now?
  13. CeceStar5

    Open Houses 2014

    Do you guys know of any that is coming up?
  14. CeceStar5

    starting to get frustrated/discouraged

    Thanks. I have applied to a few flu clinics so far on craigslist. keeping my eyes open for more postings.
  15. CeceStar5

    starting to get frustrated/discouraged

    Thanks so much. I will look into it. Is the per diem flu clinic you work for hiring?
  16. CeceStar5

    starting to get frustrated/discouraged

    That really sucks. My friend told me that because flu season is near, and there should be opportunities for administering vaccine. I know its not what I really want to do, but I just want my foot in the door. Ive been applying everywhere and no luck. Even with 1 year LPN experience still doesnt help. Trying to remain hopeful.

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