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  1. How long did it take to be accepted into the Lpn-Rn program?

    1. CeceStar5


      around 3 to 4 weeks after I submitted my complete application and paid the application fee

    2. Jonesn


      Thank you

  2. CeceStar5

    Stony Brook FNP Summer 2018

    Hello all, congrats on your acceptance. Can you guys give any feedback of the program. Are classes online? How is school- work-family balance?
  3. Any graduates from this program here? Just wanted to know your experience about program and how was it getting a job afterwords as NP. Thanks
  4. CeceStar5

    GCU Master's FNP Program

    Hi there, I am also interested in the program. Any current and previous students on here? What are your experiences about the program? How is finding a preceptor.
  5. CeceStar5

    SUNY Downstate FNP 2017

    I heard that the classes are once a week. are classes online? What time does classes end? Thanks for your help.
  6. CeceStar5

    Stony Brook FNP Program 2017

    Hi everyone, what is your experience with this program. Is this program all online. Im considering applying.Would love to hear about anyone's experience
  7. CeceStar5

    Monroe College LPN to RN Program

    Hello, I went to Monroe and was in both the LPn and RN programs. I believe you have to have an LPN license if you are from another school and if you are a graduate from Monroes LPN program, you have to get the license within the first semester of the RN program. Not sure if its change. I graduated in 2014
  8. CeceStar5

    Help! -MSN with emphasis in public health

    Hello all, I am curious to see and update from you guys. I am also considering a MSN in public health nursing and would like to know what jobs I can apply to once I finish this degree
  9. Hello all, I am interested in pursuing a Master's degree, however after narrowing my choices to Master's in Nursing programs, I realize that I do not want to continue my nursing career by limiting myself to only patient care. I want to be more involved in making healthcare better for patients and still maintain my skills. I've decided to try a MSN/MPH (Public Health Nursing) program. I have a B.S. in public health and also have my BSN. I currently work as a visiting nurse and see many flaws in our healthcare system. Can anyone recommend any online MSN programs?
  10. Hi everyone, Has anyone from NY become a student in Hunter College's Public Health Program? How was your experience? I am contemplating on completing a MS/MPH degree,
  11. CeceStar5

    Accelerated Nursing Program - Low GPA

    Hi there, So I was accepted into Monroe College in the Bronx. I was accepted into their LPN program. Started January 2012 and program ended in December 2012. Started Monoe College RN AAS program January 2013. Took the LPN (NCLEX) boards in March 2013 and passed. Worked as LPN per diem while finishing the RN program. RN program ended in December 2013. Took my boards in April 2014 and passed. At this time Monroe started their BSN program, It wasn't accredited so I was accepted to Downstate and got my bachelors. Although many would say why did you start from scratch, being that I had another Bachelors degree... I have no regrets. I was able to feel out whether or not I like nursing through the roles of being a LPN and RN. My advice to everyone reading this is... DONT let a low GPA discourage you from doing what you want to do. It may have took me longer to become a RN but I still reach my goal. Good Luck to everyone. You Can Do it!
  12. CeceStar5

    Accelerated Nursing Program - Low GPA

    The school I went to was Monroe College in the Bronx
  13. CeceStar5

    Missed call from HR. Too late to call back?

    I agree always return their call whether you or interested in the job or not. This shows that you appreciate them considering you for a interview. Mount Sinai is a really hard hospital to get into. For them to reach out to you, they are really interested. Best of Luck
  14. CeceStar5

    Having trouble gaining employment

    I agree with the comment with looking beyond the hospital. New grads are always looking for hospitals; meanwhile hospitals are looking for nurses with experience. When I was a new grad, I accepted a position as a RN in a LTC facility, gained some experience and it open the doors for me to be considered at a hospital. Any experience is better than NO experience. Its better for employers to see that you have worked as a RN rather than have no experience.
  15. CeceStar5


    Hey everyone, I have recently accepted a position at VNSNY. I would like to know if anyone currently or has worked with them before? How was your experience? How many patients do you see per day? Any tips on scheduling patients? When is payday? What are some benefits that VNS give? Any advice in being successful?
  16. CeceStar5

    NYC NURSING JOBS need help ?

    I agree with the first post. It is very difficult finding a job in NYC. I have experience as a LPN and RN(I have associates degree and bachelors degree) and still it is difficult for me to land a job in a hospital. My advice for someone fresh out of school, try LTC. You will learn many skills, clinically and management wise (charge nurse) and it will prepare you for the hospitals. I know many new grads who start in the hospital and they were not mentally and clinically ready.