NCSBN course (for those who took) question



I have a question for those who took this course (3 weeks $49)

They giving you a lot of pages to self prepare.

I am going to take this course but just confused. Did you do all studies again or just did their questions.Do they have good explanation and rationales ?

Just compared their pages (they giving you for study) It is a lot.Like a big book. I am not sure will I be able to reread their review again or just do question because they are more helpful and similar with real test ???




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I was thinking of doing their review as well. I read on their website that it takes approximately 80 hours to go through their review in its entirety. So that is with reading all and any of their materials as well. I guess it depends on how much time you have left yourself between now and the time you take the exam. Good luck to you!


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it is like reading the whole book again with questions in between. the whole 80 hours is only for 1 compound of subjects. and the other subjects can be done in 2-8 hours. it is an approximate time to study. there wer approx 900 questions in total. some wer easy and some wer hard. the post review test is challenging. its i good review tho. the best thing about it is the pharmacology review that goes with it as a separate course. it was awesome! i had all questions above 50% but my total score is only 30% on the grade book. strange....


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i took 3 weeks course but wasn't able to finish the expanded pharmacology course..drats..eventhough i spent 6-8 hours everyday for 3 weeks..i should increase it to 10-12 really depends on how much time you'll spend in your online review each day..remember, it's 24-hours access review course

it's an awesome review online course, the questions are nice too and it's really cheap!


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I liked the NCSBN course because the questions were sooo similiar to the NCLEX. The course review is alot of information but the pre test lets you know what areas you need to focus on so reading the whole course is really not necessary unless you want to ...


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i brought it. havent yet took nclex. question were challenging and i learned alot from it


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Thanks for all of your reply guys !!!!! Now I have some idea. I am doing Saunders CD 4038 question. I like it very much....May be I will do that after.THANKS AGAIN !!!


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Take the NCSBN 8 week course at

Don't forget that they are the body responsible for the NCLEX exam content. The review is very comprehensive. Alternate item questions are also appearing more frequently so don't forget Lippincott has an inexpensive 250 question book of these. NCSBN has a new course to prep international nurses also. Good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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took nclex today. brought ncsbn but after the test today the questions were no where near type i got on the nclex. i felt robbed lol

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