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NCLEX in 2 weeks!

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Hey there

im currently freaking out lmao. I just graduated on the 25th of June, start work in the step down ICU on august 4th, and have my NCLEX on July 15th. I have UWorld and I am practicing it with about... I'd say maybe 200 questions a day while reading the Saunders 8th edition. I'm just super nervous because of the covid changes! my strongest points are critical care, delegation, and urinary (for some reason). if anyone has any advice, I'd greatly appreciate it!

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update: I don't know if I'm allowed to bump?? but?? I got a borderline chance of passing on the first assessment and I'm disheartened. 

In the qbank on UWorld I've been maintaining 50%-65% and that makes me even more nervous. In school I was mostly high b's-a's and now I'm super nervous.

I had ATI in school and I honestly hated it. The day I took the predictor I was suffering from a bad kidney infection and ended up in the hospital later that day and ended up with a 70% chance of passing so of course I cried my heart out LOL. 

I just need advice. Advice on how to study, how to keep my mind from wandering, how to calm my nerves, and advice on how to be CONFIDENT.

UWorld/ATI/Kaplan isn't NCLEX.  Just keep doing what you're doing, and go take the test.  Stop worrying about what some other program tells you about if you're going to pass or not.

Most people pass on their first try.  Almost everyone that fails does pass eventually.  You have more than one chance to pass the test.  If you fail, you just study more then take it over, there's nothing at all to be that stressed about.  You're doing this to yourself with the mentality that you have to pass.  Treat your first time through the test as a way to get experience with what it's really like.  Challenge yourself to pass it, but don't make it a requirement.  If it means you lose that job you have set up, then just get a different job for a while, everywhere is hiring nurses all the time.

If you graduated you know enough to be able to pass the test.  It's just hard when you have to put what is almost instinct for any normal person into writing and picking from a mulitple choice list, so you need to study.  But it's just a test.


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On 7/3/2020 at 11:00 PM, madisonlong17 said:

I am practicing it with about... I'd say maybe 200 questions a day while reading the Saunders 8th edition.


20 hours ago, madisonlong17 said:

In school I was mostly high b's-a's and now I'm super nervous.

Take a deep breath and trust yourself. You did well in school and practicing a lot of questions per day. For a person that got a quality education, got high grades and the school prepared their students for NCLEX, NCLEX is not as difficult as it seems. NCLEX tests for minimal competency.

I did fairly well in school (As and Bs) and studied 100 questions per day during last semester and between graduation and NCLEX day. I passed with minimal questions (75Q when I took it) at 1 hour. I left the tesing site thinking "This is it? I stressed out for months about this test and that was it?" My finals in nursing school were far more difficult than NCLEX.

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all of this reassurance makes me feel so much more confident. thank you so much!


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