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  1. Hi! I took my NCLEX on July 15 and went to 62 questions. I had about 13 SATA and the rest were multiple choice. I was really confused when I didn't receive any math, drag and drop, listening, or hot spot questions. I had two weeks to study. It was a lot to take in. I graduate from a diploma program on June 25 and wanted to take my test ASAP! I had UWorld already but didn't really use it until I graduated. I finished the whole quiz bank and was really disheartened when I received borderline on the first assessment, but was a little more pleased when I got a high chance of passing on the second. Another resource I used was Nurse Achieve. I don't know how legit they are but it's good practice! They give you a graph at the end of how well you stayed above the median line of passing. I used this a few times and got a pass - pass and solid passes. I also used Kaplan's adaptive exams. They were overpriced at 129 dollars in my opinion, but they were a good feel for how the test was set up. I went the whole way to question 265 on both of them, though LOL. Overall, UWorld is the best resource I used. It really prepared me for the exam and the rationale helped me on at least 2/3 of the test! The questions may throw you for a loop but they are a great learning source! I walked in there a shaking mess. I wanted to vomit, scream, and run away. I had to put on my big girl pants and decide that this was my future and this is what I want, and I had to fight for it. I was the last one to arrive and the first one done, so that made me more anxious. I did the PVT and got a good pop up! I don't recommend doing this, though, it's very nerve wracking. Just take a deep breath and treat every question as if it's the most important one. Read it multiple times, read each option multiple times. Treat this exam as another practice exam. This test isn't like your nursing school exams, it's entry level and is basically testing you on first day knowledge. What I did the day before the test is look up Youtube videos on 2020 NCLEX tips and NURSE JANX had the best video I think by far! I highly recommend it! Eat a good breakfast, get a good nights sleep, meditate, and breathe! YOU GOT THIS!
  2. madisonlong17

    UWorld VS Kaplan VS ATI

    My NCLEX is in 5 days. So, I bought the 3 adaptive exams from Kaplan and completed one and got the greenlight. Some of the questions threw me for a loop and I got to question 223 before it shut off (my brain is absolutely melted since it is 1 am and I have been studying off and on all day, I literally did 400+ questions today). I did ATI in school and hated it. I did a test today to see what it was like after not doing it in awhile and I was shocked to see how different it was from UWorld, and I scored so much higher than I did in school. In school I got usually 60%-72% and I got a whopping 75% LOL. I have about 400 questions left in the qbank of UWorld and scored borderline on the first assessment, high on the second. In the qbank I usually score around 55%-66%. I was just wondering, if anyone has used any of these resources, which one helped you better? I love UWorld's rationale but I feel like Kaplan's adaptive exam kind of gave me a feel for what the NCLEX is like? Or if anyone actually feels like ATI helped them at all? I am just very anxious at this point because of course I have that deep feeling in my gut that no matter how hard I study and practice with questions, I'll fail.
  3. I cannot speak for other students as I recently graduated, but we finished out the year doing clinical in the hospital after suffering with online clinical. It was amazing being back on the floor. It did not delay graduation for me at all, in fact it was at the drive in and we had a blast!
  4. madisonlong17

    NCLEX in 2 weeks!

    Hey there im currently freaking out lmao. I just graduated on the 25th of June, start work in the step down ICU on august 4th, and have my NCLEX on July 15th. I have UWorld and I am practicing it with about... I'd say maybe 200 questions a day while reading the Saunders 8th edition. I'm just super nervous because of the covid changes! my strongest points are critical care, delegation, and urinary (for some reason). if anyone has any advice, I'd greatly appreciate it!
  5. madisonlong17

    advice on staying stable in nursing school

    I will have to try that but in moderation, sadly, for i am still on exercise restriction. thank you!
  6. when i say stable, i mean mentally stable lol. for about 4 years i have been suffering from anorexia and i started recovery in april. there have been a few bumps in the road but i am trying my best to maintain my weight and nourish myself. anyway, i know nursing school can be very, very, very stressful and i was just wondering if anyone had any tips to stay calm and collected?
  7. madisonlong17

    teas 6 advice

    Hello! I got a 72, which is great since I needed around a 65 to get in! Honestly, the parts that really stumped me on the practice tests weren't as hard when actually taking it. When studying, make sure you know a lot about the systems (primarily endocrine and cardio from what I've seen) and read up on english language. The math wasn't too hard, it's basic algebra and some statistics. Honestly, the bulk of the test is primarily anatomy and physiology, so make sure you study! I hope this helps :)
  8. madisonlong17

    teas 6 advice

    Hello all! I am taking the TEAS 6 exam on saturday and have been studying my ass off. Currently, my score is in the high 70's for all the practice tests I've taken and I need a 65 to get into the nursing program I want. I just wanna know if any of y'all have any advice on acing the test or, at least, calming my nerves about it. Wish me luck!
  9. madisonlong17

    Mometrix book vs Real TEAS?

    Hello! I am taking the TEAS on the fourth of November so I am studying my ass off lol. I have read that the TEAS is easier than the practice tests you can buy on the websites. However, I also say that the mometrix book prepares you very well with all the questions. My best advice would be to take practice tests, time yourself taking the practice tests, and brush up on all the anatomy and physiology! Good luck to us all!
  10. madisonlong17

    best option for nursing/healthcare

    Okay, so; I am enrolled currently in a private university as a bio major. However, this university is very expensive (almost 50k a year!) I just do not see myself going anywhere with a bio major, and all I want in life is to help people in a medical setting (my ultimate goal is to be a rn or eventually become a doctor of nursing who specializes with eating disorder patients) However, there is a great nursing program back home that is around 30k for the whole program and I am pretty sure (not too brag or sound unfair...) but I am almost a shoe in to get in with all my references and influences. however, I do feel like people will judge me for leaving after the FIRST semester of my FIRST year of college, take a semester OFF and then go to one of three possible nursing schools back home when I have a perfectly reasonable education coming my way at my university. I know I should not exactly care, but, I have always aspired to be a nurse or another health profession because I want to help people note; i am taking the TEAS 6 on saturday and i have been studying my ass off, quizzing myself with at least 150 questions a day from the mometrix manual as well as the practice tests But I need hands on and not just them throwing facts about stoichiometry or the cell cycle my way (even though the cell cycle can contribute to cancer...) what sounds like the most reasonable option in the opinion of y'all? 1. go to the very successful and cheaper nursing program I am almost guaranteed to get into or 2. stay at my university and stick with the bio degree, either becoming a PA or anything else (possibly a geneticist) since I am technically and adult and can make my own decisions (sadly, lol) but if any of you were in this position, what would you do?
  11. madisonlong17

    i want to be a nurse, but..

    I want to be a nurse and I aspire to be a nurse. Health and biology/anatomy come so easily to me (for the most part). I am taking the TEAS 6 next week and i am freaking out! I feel as if I am not smart enough to pass them and get into nursing school. I haven't had anatomy and physiology for about a year and even then the teacher never really taught us anything. I got the TEAS practice forms and scored 72% on form A and I need a 65% for the nursing school I want to go to. However, I am still mentally freaking out because I got a 56% on the science section Long story short; 1: how are the teas 6 exams? 2: does anyone else feel too 'dumb' for nursing school? 3: and does anyone have tips or tricks for the teas or even nursing school all together???

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