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nclex!!!!!!! waiting game!!!!!


Hey guys I took my nclex yesterday;10/21... My test shut off at 75. Got 23 select all the apply and majority prioritizing...who you see 1st....what do you do 1st...The pearson Trick is not working anymore....im dying anxious and scared and everything in between... :(...any advice?????

Yer killin me! Third thread in three boards, same question :)

I answered you on the General Nursing Discussion forum....but I'd strongly suggest you read threads on THIS forum to find out how people are now using the 'new' PVT.

Just wait for the results. Don't rely on the trick.

Good luck

OMGGGGG PEOPLE I PASSS!!!!! After a lot of studying and prayers....

Congratulations! What review resources did you used?

Well, my school paid Kaplan for us...I did 100% iq banks an test trainer a did all the test training...from 1 to 7...my school also offered ATI live review someone came to our school and went over all over the content...I did nclex 4000 to practice select all the aply they have 234 questions I did them twice ( only the select all the apply) because I though the questions were to easy. Now the test look just like you taking Kaplan the same blue background...I got the prioritization and delegation book and I also did 2 times...that helped me when came to what I do 1st , who to see 1st...

Overall I only have one thing to say DONT EVER GIVE AND WORK HARD even when you feel tired...I came long way in this country for only 7 years...came as an aupair did not even knew how to speak English....I learn, I studied, and all my hard work got me to became an RN today.....thank to god, to my little princess that I have and an amazing bf that supported me all the way !!!!!!! GOOD LUCK U CAN DO THIS !!!! :)

I am so happy for you! I am taking mine in 2 weeks.

Well concentrate when you go , once you sit on your station put the ear phone on your ears ....even if you not listening to the audio..helps not get distracted...do one question at the time...don't change your answer...don't think WHAT IF...NOOOOO that is no what if...a tip that worked for me on selected all that apply ...I used true or false... I got select all the apply on cord prolapse on maternity, I got colchicine toxicity....I got autonomic dysreflexia( select all the apply)..I got select all the aplly for symptoms of megacolon disease on kids; peds...I got what you instruct the pt after a pacemaker implant...I got what 2 ekgs...OMG me and my friend got the same question; she also passed... after surgery on a patient with cholecystitis.. which of those would you follow up immediately... I picked the pain on the right shoulder bc means bleeding...don't forget your labs and I hope you printed out a 35 pages study guide that is going around all nurses.com I read that 2 times...is pretty good, may god bless you ...I know is hard but try to be calm and focus on and only on the questions you doing ....may god bless you ...you can do this!!!

Thank you so much! I am using both Kaplan and Hurst right now. Yes I printed the 35 pages study guide. Thanks! God Bless

May I know what was your Q-trainers scores please if you don't mind?

So far these are my scores:

Diagnostic test: 62%

QT1 77%

QT2 67%

QT3 72%

QT4 67%

QT5 69%

I am so anxious.

You good....I was around that too....try to get that prioritizing book I told you about where do you leave at ???? maybe I can send to you ,...it wont use anymore maybe I can mail it to you ...I really recommend that to you!!! you doing great!!!! I leave in jersey... if you don't want me to send to you u can buy on amazon ...and trust me after that you be ready....

Please don't be anxious ....almost impossible for the day of the test...breath and think u study...u know this.....lmk...

Very good keep up on it...I know you will be great!!!! believe in God!!!!

I have the PDA from Lacharity and SATA book from Saunders. You are so sweet and kind to offer me your book! :)

I know sounders have a lot of SATA; I did like 100 of them ...on of my bff did all sounders...SATA...as I said I worked on Nclex 4000 for most of the SATA. You are on the right track....im sure you do good...keep up ...you doing great....im sure you gonna pass just please...walking in the test to do 265 questions and be there for 6 hours...bring snacks ...water...if shuts off at 75 is good don't put that on your head ...you know one of my bff did 250 questions and still passed....I did 75...but don't aim for 75 as I said ....avoit looking at the question number and the time ...you will do great...!!!!! believe on yourself....Good luck!!!

Thanks so much! You're awesome!