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  1. shieyecla

    Hurst Review Opinion?

    I took my boards after 45 days. I did not use their qbank I used NCSBN questions because they are hard and challenging. I was scoring 65-100 but mostly 70s. Good luck
  2. I passed the NCLEX RN using NCSBN questions and Hurst videos
  3. shieyecla

    Hurst Review Opinion?

    I used Kaplan and was scoring 70-80s but I failed. I took my boards again last month and passed. I used NCSBN for questions and Hurst for content. Hurst was amazing and worth the money!
  4. shieyecla

    Passed at 85 questions

    @bhagta01 If you like to read rather than watching content videos, I think you will like the NCSBN review. They have a good amount of practice questions and great content. Their questions are pretty much similar with the NCLEX, they are tough and tricky.
  5. shieyecla

    Post-NCLEX Stressing!

    I don't know why there's a lot of question marks on my post above!
  6. shieyecla

    Post-NCLEX Stressing!

    @ohhitsjojo its a trick but it works for everyone and for me! LOL I took my NCLEX RN on Feb 9 and I had 265 questions. I did the PVT after 24 hours and got a good pop up! 48 hours later I purchased the quick results and the status says PASS í ½í¸Š got my license in the mail after 5 days í ½í¸Š
  7. shieyecla

    Second Attempt at NCLEX

    @wel43 Good luck! Keep us posted :)
  8. shieyecla

    Second Attempt at NCLEX

    @ash78 you can use your cc just change the expiration date. Just make sure you do it after 24 hrs. Good luck and keep us posted!
  9. shieyecla

    NCSBN Prep Course

    I used NCSBN 3 week course for practice questions and Hurst for content. I'll say NCSBN were similar to the actual NCLEX. Their practice questions were very challenging which is great. I passed my boards 2 weeks ago using these 2 resources. Goodluck
  10. shieyecla

    Second Attempt at NCLEX

    @ash78 did you try the PVT yet?
  11. shieyecla

    NCSBN NCLEX course

    I used NCSBN for questions and Hurst for content. The NCSBN questions are similar with the actual test and the were very hard. I was scoring 60-100%. I passed the NCLEX on 02/13. Kaplan didn't work for me, also I notice they do not update their videos and practice questions
  12. shieyecla

    Second Attempt at NCLEX

    I passed the NCLEX 2 weeks ago with 265 question and my last question was an easy one. So it doesn't matter if the last question is a passing level question or not. Good luck
  13. Did you take the local board in the Philippines? Yeah I remember those encircle the correct option and fill in the blank( wrong spelling, wrong lol) Got a job offer as a Nurse supervisor on friday the 13th so it was a lucky day for me! What a great feeling!
  14. Congratulations! I finally passed my NCLEX as well on 02/13. Feels like I learned more from Hurst review than my school in PI.
  15. shieyecla

    passed nclex-rn for the first try after 9 yrs

    Thank you :)