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  1. I passed the NCLEX RN using NCSBN questions and Hurst videos
  2. shieyecla

    passed nclex-rn for the first try after 9 yrs

    Thank you :)
  3. shieyecla

    Out of nsg for years! Soon to take NCLEX

    I'm using Hurst online and Saunders too. I will use Lippincott SATA and PDA from Lacharity as well. I used Kaplan last time and I thought I will pass, I was scoring 60's, mostly 70s and my highest was 87%. Got my CPR and it was all near passing, I was so close to pass. Now I have to pick up myself and start studying again.
  4. @tinksa01 I am not familiar about Michagan BON requirements, visit their website. In FL, you have to fill out their application for endorsement just follow all their requirements online and pay the fee.
  5. shieyecla

    passed nclex-rn for the first try after 9 yrs

    I'm doing Hurst review as well. Planning to take mine on January
  6. shieyecla

    Out of nsg for years! Soon to take NCLEX

    You can apply/register even without SSN. When you pass, they wont issue your license until you get your SSN
  7. shieyecla

    Out of nsg for years! Soon to take NCLEX

    Hey Kabayan good luck to us! I am taking mine on January. What resources are you using?
  8. shieyecla

    passed nclex-rn for the first try after 9 yrs

    Hey there! I'm a Filipino too, what study resources did you used?
  9. @tinksa01 when you register and meet all the requirements from FL BON, your registration is good for 1 year. During that 1 year you need to apply for Pearson vue to take the exam. Once you get your ATT from Pearson vue, you need to take the NCLEX within 3 months. Check FL BON for more info.
  10. shieyecla

    NCSBN Learning Ext. Opinion

    I saw your previous post before and your Kaplan scores was great . I failed the NCLEX with 265 questions as well using Kaplan with highest score of 87% and 59% on qtrainer 6. I did what the Kaplan want me to do when it comes to strategies but it didn't work for me. I got my CPR yesterday and my above passing was only the Safety and Infection Control, the rest are near passing. Hurst offered intense 45-day remedial course and I think I will use them. I used Hurst for my content last time
  11. shieyecla

    Results not available-what does it mean?

    I sent you an email
  12. shieyecla

    kaplan scores

    @jae6 when are you taking your exam again? I just sent you a PM
  13. shieyecla

    Today is MY big day!!

    @smartylpn I found this Skpe group https://allnurses.com/nclex-discussion-forum/nclex-skype-group-949617.html I will join them today at 10:00 EST email your Skype ID to her if you want to join
  14. shieyecla

    What am I doing wrong?

    Did you get your CPR from BON and see what was your below passing? I just took mine last Monday and I found out today that I failed. My first 2 exams I failed with 75 and 77 questions. This time I failed with 265 and I used both Kaplan and Hurst. I think I was almost there but 265 was too long and I got tired, I didn't concentrate on my last 10-20 questions! I will start studying again and will take it again after 45 days or until my BON will allow me to
  15. shieyecla

    Today is MY big day!!

    Hello, Kaplan is a great review because their questions are similar with the real NCLEX. I used Hurst for my content which it helps a lot to get good scores on Kaplan. When I took my NCLEX the first time I had 75 questions, so getting 265 questions I think I was almost there but I lost my concentration and I was feeling tired. Good Luck and I hope you will pass. I will take mine hopefully on December(after 45 days) if BON will allow me
  16. shieyecla

    Today is MY big day!!

    Hey smartylpn, did you get your results yet? Just got home from work and I checked it. I failed. I am looking forward to receive my CPR and see what was my weakness. I was scoring 60-80's on Kaplan my highest was 87! I thought I was doing great but I think got tired and lost my concentration when I reached the 130's. I will try again hopefully next month while I can still recall some of the questions. Let me know if you need someone to study with. We can do Skype!