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NCLEX Tomorrow

Hello all!

I am taking the nclex in less than 24 hours & starting to freak out a little. Everyone has said to me that I am ready for this & will pass hands down. I on the other hand am not so sure. I have studied sooo much, I feel like I know nothing. Ugh.... I have decided to just pray on it & try to stay calm. Wish me luck, I will update as soon as I can. :-)

Good luck!!!!!!!!! Let us know how u passed tomorrow!!!! Rooting for u!!!!

this is the time to relax nt calm urself down and be confident

good luckkkkkkk:up:

I take mine tomorrow also! Good luck to you! I'm trying to stay calm and collected :)

I feel you!! I'm taking mine next Monday, and I'm starting to freak out. I feel like I'm not retaining anything after studying so hard. I feel like all the SATA and Pharmacology is going to rape me :( Good Luck!!!


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You should have sex tonight. It really helped to relieve the stress and let me actually sleep the night before.

Thanks!! Going to do the PVT trick & post, good or bad. :)

Good Luck to u too Vschmelzer!! Make sure to let us know how u do! :-)

Jkw0n- Thanks, Good luck to u too!! SATA & Pharm r kicking my but too! lol

Xtine618- LMAO!!!! Didn't even think of that!!! Great idea!!!

Good Luck Too the both of You Mines is on Friday!

Atinurseken- Thank you!! Wishing u the best of luck!!

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hello all!

i am taking the nclex in less than 24 hours & starting to freak out a little. everyone has said to me that i am ready for this & will pass hands down. i on the other hand am not so sure. i have studied sooo much, i feel like i know nothing. ugh.... i have decided to just pray on it & try to stay calm. wish me luck, i will update as soon as i can. :-)

don't go crazycrazy.gif i have no doubt you'll do just fine believe in yourself, as i send you good vibes & a hug :hug: from across the miles...aloha~


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Best of luck!!

I'm sure you've done all that you can do. When the stakes are high, it's tough to see sometimes. Research shows that last minute cramming does little, if anything to increase grades on high-stakes exams. Research also suggests that what DOES help is also what makes you feel calm leading up to the exam. Going for a run, walk, bike ride, or anything else aerobic will help you feel calm and take your mind off things. It will also fuel your brain. Get a good nights rest, eat nutritious meals up until the exam and then start your celebration by rewarding yourself with a very unhealthy meal and some well-deserved rest after and then let the celebration begin! Best of luck!

Thanks guys for all the kind words!!! This is why I love this site!! :loveya:

Well I took the nclex today.... It stopped at 85 questions, I really thought it was time for a break. LOL Anyhoo, I leave the testing center feeling horrible, I felt like I didn't know ANY of the questions. No math, couple of peds & maternity. LOTS of prioritizing & SATA. Once I got home, I was to scared to do the PVT trick but did it anyway & got the good pop-up... Keeping my fingers crossed that it is right.. :)

Hey, Y'all!!! I took the NCLEX-PN yesterday...it stopped at 86 questions and I freaked out!!! Tried the PVT when I got home (and again today...just in case) and got the 'good pop-up'! Whew!!! Looking forward to getting the quick results tomorrow!!! For those who have yet to take it: RELAX!!! I won't tell you that it's a pleasant experience...the waiting is kicking me in the gut...but have faith!!! You made it through school!!! Trust yourself and the education you've been given!!! Best of luck to everybody!!! :w00t:

Nice Work!! I take mine tomorrow and I'm trying to stay calm. Thank you for posting because it really brings comfort to those of us freaking out when we feel like we know nothing :) Im focusing my time now on prayer for clairity of mind and understanding during my test tomorrow. Still super nervous tho!!!!


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