Hey everyone,

So I have my NCLEX tomorrow and was reading over the ATT for the 10th time and FINALLY looked at my ID (which is my US Passport) My first AND last name are both correct but on the passport there is my middle initial which is not present on the ATT.. I am freaking out! What do you guys think I should do??


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they dont care about the middle name as long as your very first name and your very last name match


Justin Mark Chu Stevenson

and your driver's license indicates

Justin M Stevenson

The will still accept it because Justin which is the very first name and Stevenson which is the very last name matched.

hope that answer your question.

GOODLUCK!! I had my exam yesterday!!!



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OMG mosaicism thank you so much, I studied all day today and just preparing for tomorrow and my HR is up 200 lmao

How was your test yesterday? Any tips? Thanks alot again!


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I think i I stopped at 101. And I think all the questions they gave me are like knowledge based and I guess its not a passing rate. the pearsonvue trick had a bad pop


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At this point, just show up tomorrow and either they will allow you to test or not. But I do not think you have anything to worry about over an initial. Good luck.