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nclex tomorrow and freaked out...HELP


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hi all,

i take my nclex tomorrow and am really freaking out. i have used a variety of books but for the past week or two have focused only on kaplan. i have only done about 10% of the qbank, but have a 63% right of those. I keep getting scores between 50-60 on the question trainers. I am terrified that I am not going to pass after weeks of studying.

any advice or words of wisdom/encouragment would be great.

thanks, amy


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You will be find. Just relax, go to bed early, eat a good breakfast and go defeat the NCLEX. you passed nursing school, studied hard and just remember to do relaxation techniques if you find your anxiety levels rising. Keep the anxiety level as low as possible and you will do find. Some say that Kaplan is harder than NCLEX I did not take Kaplan too much money and we had a review in school that was mandatory and it was 280.00 so I could not do both. Just relax you can do this. be sure to post and let us know after testing how it went. Do not forget about the "trick". Good Luck i will send you good vibes. If you feel you need to study go through the random fact throwing thread there is really good information there. Keep us updated now and relax and beat the NCLEX

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Relax as much as you can. Good luck


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hey just relax! let today be a restful day go over maybe last min labs and delegation stuff but no main content. God bless tomorrow you will do great.

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