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NICU, intermidate nursery. PICU.
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pkid3183 has 2 years experience and specializes in NICU, intermidate nursery. PICU..

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  1. pkid3183

    Welcome to NCLEX August 2009 Group!!!

    Girl! I prayed for you so much! I am so happy for you. I knew you could do it. I wish you all the best!
  2. pkid3183

    After failing for five times! I finally passed!!!!

    hey hang in there you can do it! After your grieving just stay positve and confident and just block everything out and focus.
  3. pkid3183

    Is the Hurst review worth it???

    yes!!!!!!!!!!!!! I used hurst it was great. it breaks it down for you.
  4. pkid3183

    120 questions .. don't know what to think!

    Hey hang in there! Those worst part is over.... just stay confident and leave it in gods hands.
  5. pkid3183

    After failing for five times! I finally passed!!!!

    Thanks so much! You can do this! just focus on your weak areas, and really do questions. Stay confident and believe in yourself. I know you have the material just use it and really look over infection control, delegation and priorization, and drugs and labs values.:wink2::wink2: wish you all the best
  6. pkid3183

    Welcome to NCLEX August 2009 Group!!!

    congrats!!!!!!!:wink2::yeah::yeah::yeah:you did it!
  7. pkid3183

    Welcome to NCLEX August 2009 Group!!!

    Congrats! You did it! :yeah::yeah:
  8. pkid3183

    After failing for five times! I finally passed!!!!

    Confidence means everything when it comes to this test. Let go of your failures and stay positive. Focus on your weak areas. Do a through review over your content so that you feel confident more. :wink2: I did every possible review out their but it what you make of it. I think do questions from everywhere is helpful so that you can know how to answer, but have one good solid review source is great. I used excram towards the end because its set up like nclex to help me feel familiar with questions style, use kaplan and mosby for hard questions, lippincott as well. I think you have what it takes just trust in yourself and give it your all. I wish you all the best! !
  9. pkid3183

    After failing for five times! I finally passed!!!!

    You are so right! Thanks so much! You can do it just encourage yourself and focus. You can do it! wish you all the best.
  10. pkid3183

    After failing for five times! I finally passed!!!!

    thanks so much! that really means alot!
  11. pkid3183

    Taking NCLEX-RN tomorrow morning!!!!!!! YIKES!

    Good luck to everyone taking test tomorrow! Hey stay calm and confident and you can do it! Wish you guys all the best
  12. pkid3183

    After failing for five times! I finally passed!!!!

    Oh trust me i wish celebrate i am going on seven day cruise to seven different islands this weekend. I am going to enjoy! thanks so much. just remember to say confident and never give up.
  13. pkid3183

    Glory to God.... I passed my nclex pn !!!!

    Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You did it! God can always make way, just believe it!
  14. pkid3183

    After failing for five times! I finally passed!!!!

    Another big part was allnurses it was great support system. I felt like I wasnt alone i am so greatful to say i so happy to have nursing support.:wink2:
  15. pkid3183

    After failing for five times! I finally passed!!!!

    It was my confidence that i had to improve on for the most part. Believe in myself and get over my past failures. This time I did nclex 3500 and nclex 4000 every day 75-100 a day going over every rationals. I took rutgers review class and just did questions for two months. Then after i master my review content and answering questions most part. I got the hurst review along with saunders and went over my weak areas just reinforce for a month. Then the last two months I started kaplan stragety to help with test taking tips and along with what i all every knew. I did kaplan questions, mosby, and lippincott to help build my confidence with answering questions lil harder then, for two weeks straight on time i wasnt doing questions with those programs, i worked on delegation and priorization by lacharity because that was my biggest weak area i did the whole book and then the areas i had problems went threw with saunders and my review material and until i understood. By this time i was doing 150 questions a day with no problem but i was doing one set in the morinng and then another 120 at night. Then the last three weeks i study labs, priorization and delegation, infection control every day. I stop all the questions from all those programs and i went out and brought excram and follow the program all the way threw but i didnt do the last pass three exam. I did about six stimulated exams up to the day before my test. I really pushed myself honestly i didnt work at all. My parents helped me as much as possible and prayed every night and just trust in god for everything. This was my full time job and now that its done i am bored out of my mine.:wink2:
  16. pkid3183

    Is exam cram worth it?

    hi! The questions are repeatable in adaptive drill mode as they show up you can get rationals as well. Its good to drill yourself in adaptive drill as well. It helps to build your areas of weakness. In a matter of four days I had did 870 questions and ended up moving to the pass level 2, and finally to three, and I didnt even finish all of level 3 before i started taking the stimulated exam. It works just keep drilling, reinforce your content, and work on weak areas you will definitely be ready for the exam. I did stimulated exam four days in a row until the test I got excellent in all areas. Remember where their is less green thats your weak areas. I wish you all the best!