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NCLEX today...terrible sinking feeling when (I guess) out of time @ 261 questions


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This was one of the most gruesome experiences I had since starting nursing school. Taking for the second time. I have dedicated the last two months to this. Took Kaplan again and dedicated a lot of time to content. Had very difficult questions, tons of SATA and calculation as well...overall all very difficult questions mostly application and analysis. I felt bad when knowledge base questions appeared as I realized I was going down the hill. They came and they went. I have this terrible feeling I didn't pass as the computer shut down at 261 questions and I think I was out of time. Anyone in the same boat and passed? I know this is a terrible anxyety game we get sucked in. A feeling of rejection and begining to question everything. Anyway there is nothing I can do now. The only resolution is that I did everything I could possibly have done. But did I?

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Dont lose hope, I know of two ppl that ran out of time, and they BOTH passed! One ran out of time at 219 questions, while the other ran out of time at 249questions. The computer did not shut off on u because it could not determine ur level of competency... therefore it kept u going....since it did not shut off, the odds are on ur side.. if it had to fail u, i couldve shut off well before.. my feeling is that you PASSED!!!! try the trick.. it'll relieve some anxiety.. and good luck!!!!!!!!!!

hi. i hope the best for u ! there are other threds of people that went through the same experience as you....running out of time....and they passed !!! so keep up the faith....and try to pearson vue trick !

don't give up !!:)

i took my nclex today and got only 75 questions and it really felt like i did miserable cuz i think i only knew for sure like 5 answers. i was hoping for more questions after 75 cuz i wanted chances to redeem myself. i did do the trick and it stopped me, but i am still pretty skeptical. i guess i just keep praying!!

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