NCLEX Today - 75q


My NCLEX appointment was today at 2p. I ended up starting at 1:30. 75q, 25 SATA, 3 drag and drop, 2 math... Can't remember anything else. I'm TERRIFIED right now (but who isn't at this point??). A bunch of my friends became RNs today, and I really hope I join the ranks soon. I didn't recognize any of the meds on my exam, and I only felt confident on 2 questions. Waiting is the worst...


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I'm sure you did great! :) Do something fun while you wait for results!


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I am RIGHT there with you!!!! I took mine at 8am. Got to 101. Was terrified and still am... a lot of my friends have had theirs shut down at 75 or between 80 and 100 so I was scared stiff when I kept on hitting next. I'm afraid I started scanning. Waiting for the thing to shut down. Then it did.

I didn't have lots of SATA, maybe 30? 5 or so drag and drop, 3 math, some pharm.. lots and lots of priority.

I hate waiting.

I'm at work until 7am. This night is going to be endless.



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Im sure you all did great! :)


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My license posted less than 24 hours after my test. I'm an RN!!


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Congrats congrats!!!

My license posted less than 24 hours after my test. I'm an RN!!