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some NCLEX tips

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by nextgenRN nextgenRN (New Member) New Member

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I officially become a RN today and I would like to share some personal experience regarding the "scaring" NCLEX-RN:

1/ How should you study?

It is hard to have an exact answer since everyone have their own way to study. For me, I usually do practice questions for an area of content (respiratory, cardiac, neuro,...) and then read the textbook/NCLEX book about that content, and do the practice test again. Sometimes I do it backward. So as long as you think that your plan work, stick to it.

2/ How do you know that you plan of study works?

First, DO NOT lie to yourself. You are the only one who know if you master the content or not. Yes, it 's true that practicing thousands of questions DOES help in the study process. However, the point is how much do you really know about your stuffs (especially after a few days)?

3/ The NCLEX's content is huge. How can I remember all of it?

Just don't try to remember all the details. Yes, it does help a lot if you can remeber many things and it's essential to know by heart critical stuffs (lab values, common drug level, ...). However, it's just impossible to remember everything. Fortunately, there is a way that can help you with this:

A lot of nursing is about common sense and most of critical thinking questions are constructed around some principles. These are:

*/ Follow the ABCD; acute vs chronic

*/ Treatment goal and identify specific intervention(s) toward that goal

*/ Follow rules of THERAPEUTIC communication

4/ NCLEX impression:

My exam stopped at 75. I had a lot of infection control, prioritization, a few SATA, no fancy question (hot spot, chart...), no med calculation (is it a good sign?), some strange drugs. This is the test that make me feel the most stupid.

Hope that my experience help a little your journey to become RN

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Congratulations, nextgenRN!!! :yeah:

Also, thanks for sharing your nclex tips. I could use some of these tips when I will do my nclex review in 2 months (hopefully).

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congratulations!!!!!good job!!! thanks for sharing great tips....

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