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2014 Nclex, test tomorrow, 5th time

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Hello All!

I am really grateful to this site and all the encouragement I have read to passer's and failer's alike. I am taking my Nclex for the 5th time tomorrow. I realize with this time what I did wrong in the past with my study techniques and my own issues with test taking. I encourage all of you multiple NCLEX takers to NOT feel bad about yourself but to pick yourself up, dust yourself off and figure out what you can do to change to pass this ultimately life changing test.

I have been out of school for 2 years...ugh! In that time frame, content is lost and emotions take over. I did everything different this time. I put positive people around me, studied like it was my job!!! I began talking to myself("you can do this", you WILL be a nurse", "this is what your meant to do", "YOU WILL PASS THIS TEST!!!", talked to god(I do not go to church so I felt strange asking for help when I didn't talk to him on a regular basis).

I looked at my previous candidate reports(when you fail you get a envelope that tells you below, near or above passing standards. I used those to focus on what I was not doing well on. I researched the intranet on what worked and didn't work for others because we are ALL different learners. I tried Kaplan, I liked it at first but failed in all attempts using it(3 times) (Also newer Nclex Passers informed me that they did not see Kaplan type questions and it was a waste of their money).

I used Prep-U 10,000 and it came with a Lippincotts Q&A Nclex all question book(AWESOME), I found this program to work well for me repeat Q's and all.

Kaplan content review book, also awesome.

lacharity PDA book which is Awesome!

NCLEX 4000(already had it) good for questions

Went to youtube and listened to anyone that could explain content that I was just not understanding and found allnusesnotes.com, simplenursing.com, ReMar review, and anyone else that made it "CLICK" for me.

I also went on pinterest and found visual aides on all kinds of Nclex content.

Note cars, and Saunders Yellow Comprehensive book which was good for reading up on different content as well.

I was "NEAR" passing on almost evrything Nclex test you on but I was so caught up in the real world of nursing ( I have working in hospitals for 7 years) that I messed myself up. Nclex is textbook nursing, judgement and safety and you have to know content to understand everything else. I am nervous about tomorrow but I have studied and taken 100-300 questions a day for almost 3 months for up to 10 hrs on my days off 3-4 days a week. I feel I am as ready as I can be but just have breathe, pray and rally pay attention to what the questions are asking. I too will have BSN RN after my name!

Thanks for listening! Sorry if this was long but hopefully someone can learn or feel better about the Nclex after hearing my struggles.

Good luck karieb935!!! It's sounds like you have this in the bag!! Can't wait to hear the good report!!!!

Did you hear about nclex rn mastery apps?

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I'm glad you're taking initiative instead of giving or coming here to post about how you failed five times and aren't sure how to pass. Good luck on the exam! I have faith in your handwork!!!

Sorry it took a couple days to respond but it's official and I am now a REGISTERED NURSE!!! I got the good pop up a couple of hours after the test and then the next day looked up my license number! I had 75 questions counted 23 SATA and the rest were a mix of pictures, drag and drop one math, ecg, and priority. I took my time 2.5 hours worth and answered each question like it was the only oe that would make me a nurse. When it shut off at 75 the screen went blue and I remember in the past that it always went grey(not sure if that indicates a thing but it made me happy to see that blue hue!) I feel like it's a dream now that I am going to wake up from now but Im so happy and relieved that that HUGE wieght of embarrassment, stress, confusion, limbo I felt for so long is now GONE! Now just looking for a job.

For all of you still struggling out there..PLEASE don't give up! I gave up and without the encouragement of all types of people around me telling me that I would make and acting like an amazing nurse, I would never have tried again.

I am a terrible test taker..no joke..super anxiety with heart racing and focus all over the place but where it should have been. Nclex was the scariest test I have ever taken, besides the exit exam for my school.

Find what works for you, ask questions of nurses and students and people who have failed. You never know what happened with them could work for you.

Thank you for listening and good luck to all of you Nurses, and future nurses to come! ( sorry for errors, I didnt go back to check)

karieb935 you have given me inspiration to take this journey to finish my career that I have worked so hard on. I too failed the nclex exam on 2 occasions and I have been discouraged and wanted to give up....actually I wanted to do more than just give up but thanks to my 2 children I continued on with the embarrassment and humiliation that I carried every single day with me that all that I worked so hard for has failed me in the end....the end being the nclex. Thank you for your inspiration cause you have given me hope that I had lost during this time of critical need...

@karieb congratulations all the best to you

@trishrn keep trying hun don't give up, you will do it and make it