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hi everyone,

im going to do my rn nclex tomorrow and im so excited but also the anxiety is on top of the hill. i failed the first one but i know i can do it..i need more prayers..thanks you and ill post the good news again this week...

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Good luck tomorrow.. You got this.


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Good luck! Hope you will pass this time! Pray before you start answering, focus on the questions and always do your best! Come back and let us know how you did.


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You have this


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hi everyone..i passed the test.. i took it tuesday,did the pearson trick and the good pop up appeared.. god is good.. its all gods work... im gonna share my story. my first nclex exam was june 4 2015 i did self study and read saunders for 4months. i learned but i didnt fully understand some terms. i was so stress and i just read and read and read. and when i took my test last june 4, it feels like every word in that test is in a greek term. ofcourse after that i know i failed. but i still got a little hope in me, and when i check the BON i failed and thats the time that i told myself it will never happend again, so what i did i went with my family on a cruise and relaxed for a month, and it helped me think that i need to do something about this test, so when iwent back home, i resigned and leave my job, like im very determined of doing this. so here were the things that i did, i purchased and hurst review. i love simplenursing it helped me understand things in the most simplest way that you will never forget. then hurst helped me with my core content to be i love them both...and this adventure test my faith which i know i have but i dont have enough. so i calm myself and put it all to our god, and everything turned good and not just good but the best..thank you for the prayers and support, its all gods work. i just want to know for arizona board of nursing how many days/weeks i can have my license number?? thank you