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NCLEX 2015

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Hi everyone I graduated nursing school last year. I am about to take my NCLEX on Monday, I am really nervous and anxious. Some of my colleagues already took it and passed. I am praying that I will too. I study the entire Saunders book and did on the go practice questions in my phone using the Samsung app. But still I don't feel confident for the big day.

Anyone with the same dilemma please share your inspirational story, my self-esteem is running low. I had my LVN license and passed it the first time with a minimum number of questions,however, most people that I knew told me that LVN is a piece of cake, NCLEX-RN is nothing compared to it which makes me feel so nervous.

Well, I hope that lvn nclex is a piece of cake because I will be taking it very soon! Lol

I wish you lots of luck! Be confident in yourself, if you know you have it your all in studying then you will be fine!

Positive vibes your way!

The first thing you have to do is reduce your anxiety and increase your confidence. A lack of confidence will cause you to second guess yourself, which is a bad move.

Find something that increases your confidence, such as answering questions and getting tons right. Write down the ones you eliminate and why before picking your final answer. That's what I did.

I wish you luck!

Thank you! Best of luck to you too.

I take my NCLEX on Monday too good luck to you!!!

Likewise! Goodluck. We can do it!feeling optimistic.

I'm taking mine Saturday and I feel the same way!! You aren't alone. Good luck to you on Monday!

Same to you too!Goodluck!

EEEkkk I take mine tomorrow!!! I feel scared and a little numb, been studying soooo hard and now I am so scared I will draw a blank.

Hey u can do it, dont call your self dumb that is too harsh if you were able to survive nursing school then you are capable.Goodluck!

Literally just took my NCLEX at 2pm today. It was nerve-racking. I used HURST and KAPLAN for preparation. I ended up taking 216 questions before the test shut off and now I'm so anxious for my results I can't sleep. Do your absolute best to remain calm and reduce your anxiety. Like the poster above me said, we have made it this far. Best of luck to everyone on Monday

take one question at a time ;) take it positively and i know you can do it! Be blessed.

i will be taking my exam too on monday.. we can do this. we will be colleagues soon. ;) Lets just do our best and Pray to God.

First off, no one who passes nursing school is dumb! A the dumb ones get weeded out early!

Second, NCLEX is set up to rob us of our self-esteem, make us feel stupid and as if nothing we learned stayed in our brains, and cause severe panic attacks! I have a classmate who is the most stable, calm, "normal" person you could ever meet. She was pregnant during pre-reqs, lost her younger brother during first year, and kept it all together, earning the respect of everyone in the program. She announced she would be suicidal if she didn't pass. Not a good thing to think, but NCLEX does that to people! I do not know one person who went through this not feeling the way that you do. This exam is cruel and unusual punishment for a job well donel!

The exam is set up so that you are expected to get a full 50% of the questions wrong! Thus the study material is set up that way too. All of us who worked so hard to get at least a 85a% just to stay in school are now supposed to be jumping for joy if we get 60% on a practice test! How can that NOT make us feel horrible? I don't know if they do this to us because nursing is such an emotional and intense career that they feel this sort of testing is needed to weed out those who are not truly cut out for nursing, or if they do this because the powers that be that developed the truly torturous beast have no idea just how soul destroying it is. Regardless of the reason, I doubt you will meet a single nurse who didn't have the sorts of feelings you do. And most of us leave the test center crying because we are sure we failed. I actually started studying again the day after I took it, only to find out the next day that I passed and a nurse that I work with who passed 3 years ago and is one of the best nurses I know tells us that she still has mild panic attacks when she has to renew her license because she thinks the BON is going to tell her a mistake was made and she actually failed.

You are normal, your feelings are normal, and I can't say "you will do fine" because I don't know you. But over 90% of US educated nurses pass the first time so the odds are in your favor.

Good luck to you; I passed the Nclex on my 3rd try fEB. 5TH. Took the first test 3 months out of school studying Kaplan got 210 questions failed. Waited the 45 day grace period studying Kaplan and Saunders 222 questions failed. Each time I took the test I felt I wasnt ready but there was alot of pressure at work and at home for me to pass; as i was already a LPN people felt i should pass with no problem. Waited another 45 days would not give up went to a review class 2x a week for a month to better my content knowledge , i realized then there was so much that really wasnt covered in nursing school, continued to study Kaplan after my review( there quizes 1-7 were very close to the NCLEX questions also LIPPINCOTT 3000 those questions made me critically think. What i found in my 3 attempts you have to know your body systems ( they want you to critically think and anticipate what may happen to your patient ) based on symptoms , lab results, meds ect. Remember the Nclex is all about saftey and infection control. on the third try 110 questions mostly SATA AND PRIORITIZE PROCEDURES ex. put in order how to do a bladder irrigation from start to finish, no math this time some delagation, alot of psych OB and peds i must say this was the hardest test yet and i thought i failed, but i was ready this time: i PASSED. I hope my experience can help you and others.AND ALOT OF PRAYER!!

I have to agree with the other people who already said the NCLEX is set up to make each of us feel horrible coming out. I came out honestly not sure if I passed or failed, so did the 4 other classmates that signed up for the same test day as me. We all stopped at minimum questions, and yet still felt we failed. This exam is not set up like other exams where each question is worth the same amount. They are looking for a competency level, seeing if we can answer difficult questions more often than not. It's completely different. So please understand you are normal if you're worried going in and scared coming out, we've all felt it. I took the Hurst review and really enjoyed it, however I didn't feel like I knew those answers "without a doubt or hesitation" like Hurst said to know lol BREATHE!!!

Just took mine today and computer shut off at 75. I feel 100% that I failed - even though I got Honors on the Dean's List for nursing school. So many SATA questions. I had no idea what some of the drugs were - BUT the PVT gave me the good pop-up. Anyone ever hear of someone failing with only 75 questions?


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People fail in 75 questions all the time. You passed. PVT works. My friends and I took it 2/3. We were a WRECK. Tears and feelings of failure.

Did PVT and all got good pop up. Could we sleep at night? NO! We couldn't wait for the official results to be posted.

Our names appeared on the BON 8 am 2/5. (Check BON before paying for quick results. It might be posted already)

Dont doubt yourself. I know it's easier said than done.