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Getting ready to graduate in December :D

Any hints on how to prepare for the NCLEX?

Thank you in advance.


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Focus now on graduating, not the NCLEX. You might be surprised at the end of your nursing program, that there isn't a whole lot left to prepare for in relation to the NCLEX.

i.e. you are more prepared than you think. Just remember critical thinking, prioritization, basic A&P and pathophiz, medication categories, basic lab values. Practice questions the same way you would practice plays for the big game. And when the big game comes.... it's a sum of what you've learned for years, not what you've practiced in the weeks/months before the game.


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yes there is some validity in the fact that near the end of graduation, you will have most of your information identified on the nclex is engrained in your memory, but there is still a requirement to study for the nclex! you cannot possibly remember the vast amount of material that you learn during your studies through your nursing program! you do, however, need to take things one step at a time, so focus on studying for graduation then and only then should you start to prepare for the nclex examination, possibly as much as 1-2 months before your scheduled nclex. hope this helps!:coollook:


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I agree and disagree with Bluee... End of your nursing program isn't going to be any easier than the beginning. Keep focused because it's not hard to lose track when senioritis is kicking in. However, I do believe it can't hurt to prepare for the NCLEX early.

First of all, I would read up on how to answer NCLEX style questions. They're not like the nursing exams you've been taking. Look up "decision tree". Kaplan was great at explaining how to properly read and answer NCLEX style questions.

Secondly, I would just start doing questions 50-150 a day. You should have done at least 1,200 practice questions by the time you take your NCLEX. Read over the rationales of ALL questions including ones you got right.

I hope this helps

OH and book I recommend is Exam Cram-it's similar to NCLEX and has mock test on their CD. Saunders is a little on the easier side but covers comprehension, and Kaplan is difficult but similar to NCLEX style as well.


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I concur Waterpaint!


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A. Spend 1/3 of your time reviewing content you don't understand

B. Spend 2/3 of your time answering test question

C. Used most comfortable NCLEX review book for content.

D. Begin with the area that is most difficult for you or area that are least familiar

E. Use a good nursing reference manual or internet to find information

F. Define the disease in terms of pathophysiological process and understand the disease process.

G. Identify the early and late symptoms of disease

H. Identify most important or life-threatening complication associated with the disease.

I. Define the medical treatment.

J. Identify nursing intervention associate with early and late symptom of disease process

K. Identify what to teach patient and family to prevent in other to adapt to disease process.

L. list the area you need to review.

M. Answering question in a test mode will improve your test taking skills

N. Each time you answer question, check the number of question you answered correctly that will motivate you to read and study more next time.

O. Keep track of your score to see how you're improving in all area of your content.

P. If you answer less than 65% correctly, these is a WARNING SIGNAL!! Spend lots of time reviewing content and stop doing question on the weakest area

Q. If you answer 65-75% correctly your performance is improving and success is certain. Continue working with the content until your score is above 75%

R. Every wrong answer, identify why you answered it wrongly.

S. Practice 75- 85 question to known how you'll be prepared for NCLEX Exam and see how many you answered correctly

T. Do understand the question first, formulate your answer of hand and compare with the option given to see how close your answer!!

U. Anticipate Test question will increase in difficulty when you get the first question right!!

V. Do not panic if someone finishes before you!!

W. Do not CRAM CRAM!!

X. Remember that you have learned a great amount of nursing knowledge and the exam is only designed to determine whether you're able to practice safely @ entry level

Y. Keep a positive attitude and Pray!!

Z. Wish you best of LUCK!!


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i totally agree with everyone... whats the point of preparing for the NCLEX if you dont pass the course.. you will be only stessing your self out! and more disappointed!


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Prepare now for NCLEX if you're doing good in your classes. I noticed that a lot of the students who started preparing for NCLEX their senior year, by doing questions here and there, passed the exam after graduation. Can't guarantee this is successful, but just what I noticed

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start early by doing questions here in there. the earlier the better


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do 20 questions with rationales I guess, focus on your school work first and after graduation go all-in on your review. good luck and happy graduation!!

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