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NCLEX shut off at 75.... dont know what to think!! fail/pass???


Hey guys I took my nclex yesterday;10/21... My test shut off at 75. Got 23 select all the apply and majority prioritizing...who you see 1st....what do you do 1st...The pearson Trick is not working anymore....im dying anxious and scared and everything in between... :(

Stopping with the minimum number of questions means either that you did very well (and the computer could determine competency very quickly) or you were doing very poorly (and the computer 'knew' that no matter how many questions it threw at you, you'd never pass).

Based on your student experience, studying habits, preparedness for this exam, which do you think is the more likely scenario? If you're a first-time test-taker, the passing rate is about 85%, so that's in your favor :)

If you go to the NCLEX-Discussion forum, you will see about a hundred threads on the topic of the PV 'trick', and how students are using it now.

Good luck to you!


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Like the previous poster said, either you did very well or very poorly. Take an honest look at your nursing school experience. Did you go to a school with a high NCLEX pass rate? Did you well in nursing school? Did you do well on your NCLEX prep questions? If yes, then very good chance you passed. If you barely passed nursing school and did poorly on your prep questions, then you most likely failed.

Since it only gave you 75 questions, which is more likely? It had a high level of confidence that you are competent to be a nurse, or you have no hope of passing the test, that it decided you were hopeless and that no matter how many questions it gave you, you would not pass.

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Well at least you will know in a few days

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The other posters are very right. Since the computer shut off at 75, you either did very well or very poorly. Anything from 76 onward means you were on the pass/fail line... If your states participates in Quick Results, you can keep an eye on your State's website for licensing and at 48 hours, if you haven't seen your license popup, you then check the QR and see what that says.

Good luck, I hope the result is what you were hoping for!

Hmm......but did you pass? ;)