Nclex on Saturday I am so scared and nervous and wondering if I am ready......

Nursing Students NCLEX


Hello all I take nclex in 1.5 days and I am getting really nervous and scared I have studied alot but deep down I feel unsure if I am ready how do you know if you are really ready is my question? Many people say you never feel ready I just don't know what to think of this....................:confused:

I would say thats normal. Its so much we have learned and lots the instructors havent touched on so all we can do is our best & with the grace & mercy of God we" CAN DO IT":)

Good luck brainfried, take your time read the questions two-three times if you have too & pray. God didnt bring you this far for nothing. YOU CAN DO IT. Im cheering for you:anpom:keep us posted

Thanks, I will! :)

2pm is my time I'm so scared praying, praying, and praying:)

Good luck EMTtoGN! :) We both go at 2 :)

Good Luck to you also brainfried we can do this;)

Good Luck To All i will be retaking mine end of october.... All we can do is pray god will guide us.....

Good Luck:p

good luck EMTtoGN10, you can do it. Im cheering for you:anpom:

Just thought I would update! Finished the exam at 85 questions. It took about an hour and a half! I had sooooooooooo many SATA! I also had a lot of picture questions too.. about 5! Not hotspots, just being able to discriminate what it was. I also had a question where I had to look through files, like charting! It was a difficult test! I did the PVT and got the good pop up! Hope it works :) I'll let you know my official results when I get them. Probly Monday?

I got 75 questions and it took me 2 hours the test was crazy I had a lot of SATA, 2 of the pictures, one put in order question, drugs, priority and alot of psych, and a lung sound. I am so nervous I did the PVT and got the good pop up I hope this really works:rolleyes:

:ancong!: brainfried and EMTtoGN10, u both passed. Thats whats up.:bowingpur YOU ARE BOTH RN's

Wow!!! that's kinda good news :) Good Luck on official result :up:

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