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My NCLEX RN stopped at 81 questions and had a bad pop up. Does it mean I failed?

I m so stressed ??

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Nobody here is able to answer that. Good luck.

Is good pop up 100% effective?

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Radhika Sharma said:

Is good pop up 100% effective?

It's a glitch, not a definitive answer. It might be right, it might be wrong. You'll have more peace of mind paying for Quick Results if your state participates or waiting for your state to post your license.

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Finishing at 81 questions indicate that you did very well or very poorly on NCLEX. If you went to a quality nursing school (NCLEX pass rate 85+%) and you did well in school (As and high Bs), the odds are in your favor that you passed.

Radhika Sharma said:

Is good pop up 100% effective?

Pearson Vue trick is as reliable as the "Magic 8 Ball"

Hi, did you find out how it went? I've been trying the PVT trick as well. Mines shut off at 75 and I got the good pop up but I'm still really nervous.

Good pop up thing is true. I failed because I 

gotta bad pop up

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While the good pop up is foul-proof, it's been said the bad pop up is only 70% effective. I would try to hold it together and wait until your formalized result comes back. No use worrying is you don't know 100% the results yet.

Hope this helps and wish you the best ? 

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