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Hello, My name is Jordan and I recently took the NCLEX RN Exam for the second time yesterday. I felt confident after leaving the test compared to the first time I tested when I knew that I had failed. I am looking for reassurance and positivity lol

I had around 230 questions with 45 select all that apply and 3 drag and drop. To me that seems like a very high number and a very good thing! But then there is part of me that is like omg I failed.

I have to wait until tomorrow morning to find out the for sure pass/fail but would like any input on people passing at this question amount etc. The pearson vue trick is no longer correct because it takes everyone to the credit card page. So please, any reassurance and insite is greatly appreciated to help calm my nerves until tomorrow morning!

Thank you!

You asked for input, so.....here goes:

The number of questions you got (230) has no bearing on whether you passed or failed. It means you were at or near the passing standard for much of that time, and it needed to determine you had met the passing standard before ending the exam....in your case, at 230 questions.

SATA, drag/drop mean NOTHING. They are merely a format that is used, randomly, by the test. SATA questions can be above passing standard, or below. You might get a bunch of SATA and fail; the questions were below passing standard. You might get a bunch and pass: they were above. Can't tell from here, y'know?

Think positively :)

I'm sorry it has taken me so long to post a response on if I passed or not. Well, the verdict is I PASSED!! It was a stressful two days, but it was well worth it!

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