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NCLEX-RN Review Courses


Hey AN,

I take my boards in exactly 2 weeks and I am so nervous. I have several reviews and I do not know which one to focus on. I've done Kaplan and Hurst live reviews. I also have the NCSBN review as well. I am trying to decide which one(s) to focus on. I am afraid of going into information overload. I really NEED to pass the NCLEX on my first try because I am scheduled for orientation at my new job the following week. Please help!! Advice please!

I personally would just focus on ONE review course. It seems like all of the people I know who were juggling multiple review courses felt unprepared because they were jumping from one to an other. Pick the one which works best for YOU and which course you actually feel is helping you out the most! Good luck.

Don't forget to read ALL of the rationales.. even if you are getting them correct!! This is key to passing the NCLEX.

I passed my NCLEX in 75 questions and I believe it was thanks to Kaplan. They really teach you how to look at the question before you even try to answer it. I did ALL of the QBANK questions also. I will say though, what helped me the MOST was watching the videos they provide on their site. They go through all of the medications you need to know, health promotion & maintenance, safety and infection control, and all the rest of the NCLEX topics. They also provided amazing pneumonics. but dont be afraid to google some others!

The NCLEX really wasnt that bad. Just make sure you look at the question and use the decision tree that kaplan teaches you. know the family of medications, not specific ones. You will do great!

Hello, I am planning to go for Kaplan but they have 3 options. A class, a webcam of the class and just unlimited videos and study materials. I haven't practiced nursing in 3 years.. I know, long story.. So which do you think would be best in my position?