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  1. _nurseshark_

    Ann & Lurie Children's Hospital

    Hi there! I wish I could be more help, but I am a lowly new grad who cant get a job there! As far as salary goes, try going to glassdoor.com to look up average salaries. I believe average there is $32/h
  2. _nurseshark_

    NCLEX-RN Review Courses

    I passed my NCLEX in 75 questions and I believe it was thanks to Kaplan. They really teach you how to look at the question before you even try to answer it. I did ALL of the QBANK questions also. I will say though, what helped me the MOST was watching the videos they provide on their site. They go through all of the medications you need to know, health promotion & maintenance, safety and infection control, and all the rest of the NCLEX topics. They also provided amazing pneumonics. but dont be afraid to google some others! The NCLEX really wasnt that bad. Just make sure you look at the question and use the decision tree that kaplan teaches you. know the family of medications, not specific ones. You will do great!