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Hey allnurses forum!

I am a long time reader first time writer, I guess this may be a better time than ever as I will need all the wishes and prayers I can get, I graduated from a Nursing School in Orlando, FL in April and now I am finally after many financial setbacks, scheduled for NCLEX on Tuesday, I am very nervous as one of my past instructors while I was in school said that your chances of passing NCLEX decrease everyday that passes after graduation, I am scared because its been 5 months! I have studied on and off yet still feel nervous, the last few months all my thoughts are directed to this test, it is hard to get excited about anything knowing this test is pending.. either way I am glad to be a part of this forum now!


Good luck.

Thank you! By the way, does anyone know if the speed of how you answer the questions makes a difference?

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Good Luck. Have faith in yourself. You can do it.

I took my exam today. Test shut up at 82 questions. The length of time you take to answer your questions does not matter. Just remember that you have 6 hours for the test. You dont want to take 20 minutes to answer each question. Some questions will require you to do much more thinking than others. Just rule out at least 2 answers and go from there.

Oh Wow good luck how do you feel about it? I hope you did good I know how anxious one must be right before taking it! :x

And thanks for your wishes I definitely am ready to get this over with soon!

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good luck. the speed should have no bearing on your scores. why would it be? you are given maximum 6 hours for the nclex-rn. it took me about 60 mins for 75 qs. i was always able to eliminate 2 answers and picked the best one without dwelling too much on the other options.

good luck! you can do this!!

angel, rn

Thanks Angel! Ill use it to reduce my anxiety and try not to overthink it!

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I feel really good. I was about 95% relaxed and 5 % anxious before and after the test. I think thats a pretty good breakdown!

If you know you studied---then just have faith in yourself. You can do this-:up:--tell those little worry bugs:confused: in your head....that you will pass the test no matter what. No matter what happens you are a nurse.:nurse:

Plan something to do after the test. I went to Six Flags about 4 hours after the test and had a lot of fun. I find out my results on Tuesday...and whatever the results come out to be...I will know that it was "meant to be that way" and take action from there.

I wish you all of the wonderful luck in the world!

very well put, and very good idea about doing something fun afterward, your results come tomorrow same day as my test so cheers and good luck to us both!

you can do it just relax... i just took my NCLEX-rn too yesterday OCT.18 don't mind the time you have 6 hour to finish it and maybe you'll just answer 75....

btw the computer gave me all the question 265 i was expecting that it would be just 100 something but it did give me all the question and still have alot of time before my time will end so....

just relax take a deep breath and believe in yourself you can do it we will be supporting you....

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