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So my hubby will graduate from one of the compact state in December. We just literally moved to New Jersey as I got a job there so i shuttle both states ( Jersey City) but he had to stay back to finish school. Which state would you suggest he takes his NCLEX RN exam? NY or NJ. which is faster and has more jobs. I'm confused as I really want to start the process as soon as possible. Any ideas please?

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He can take the NCLEX anywhere in the US, where it differs is what Board of Nursing he applies to for a license. I'm not too sure about NJ, but the job market in NY (especially NYC) is extremely tough for new grad nurses. I'm a new grad in NYC and I'm having a hard time landing an interview even with connections in a few hospitals. I know for sure I'm not the only one, as several of my classmates still don't have a job and I've also read about the tough job market in this website for ages. The job market is very competitive here. I'm guessing NJ would be a bit better, but I'm not 100% sure!

Recent grad here! Got my NY license in late September. I went around everywhere for 2 months and could not find a job! I recently got my NJ license in November and already I am getting call back! I would advice on applying to NJ, and then transition to NY. I am not sure why, but NY is very competitive! Possibly because of the strong union or the higher pay wage?

Hello all. Would this apply to LPN also. I live in NY but the program I took was in NJ. I am also debating if I should try and go for a NY license or NJ. I thought NJ because I figure they would have more LPN positions. My boyfriend says I should just do NY... he said better pay and I will be double taxed.... Any info greatly appreciated!

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1 minute ago, Tanya167 said:

he said better pay and I will be double taxed

What do you mean by double taxed?

Oh, in your paycheck, taxes would be taken out because I live in New York but then taxes will also be taken out because employment would be in New Jersey.

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That is incorrect. If you live in NY and work in NJ, they will take out NJ state taxes. When you file your taxes, you need to file both NY and NJ state tax forms. You would file a "non-resident" NJ tax form and a "resident" NY tax form. You would pay taxes on your income on your NY tax form and get credited for the taxes taken out of your paycheck on your NJ tax form. You are only paying or getting credit for the difference in each state's tax rate.

Unfortunately, NY and NJ do not have a reciprocal tax agreement. I work in KY. Seven states have a reciprocal agreement with KY. Residents of Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Wisconsin who live in one of those states will report and pay tax on that income to their state of residence. I live in Indiana and work in KY. My employer takes out Indiana state tax out of my paycheck. I only have to file my Indiana state tax forms.

NICU Guy -- Thank you so much for the information!... I really appreciate it.

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