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  1. Online Prerequisites

    Which school is that. I'm also interested
  2. Rn nclex registration nj

    Thank you
  3. Rn nclex registration nj

    will be done with BSN soon in another state (Tennessee )but spouse got a job in New Jersey so we moving fully to New jersey right after school. what is the process to be licensed in New Jersey? Can I register to have my license sent to New Jersey boa...
  4. NCLEX RN License In NY or NJ?

    So my hubby will graduate from one of the compact state in December. We just literally moved to New Jersey as I got a job there so i shuttle both states ( Jersey City) but he had to stay back to finish school. Which state would you suggest he takes h...
  5. Thank you so much.I contacted them today .
  6. Please what's the school name.
  7. And it didn't require biology prerequisite?
  8. I found onsite schools with no biology prerequisite but I moved to another state and I couldn't do it. Plus, online class would be more flexible for me.
  9. The issue is time.Im trying to take accelerated BSN.I have a Bachelor of science in Sociology and a Masters
  10. Please does anyone know any Online Anatomy&Physiology class without the prerequisites of Biology
  11. Anatomy & Physiology I & II online

    Oh okay Thank yiou
  12. Anatomy & Physiology I & II online

    which school please @crazydoglady 89
  13. Anatomy & Physiology I & II online

    Thank you. One more thing.Did they require a prerequisite for it?
  14. Anatomy & Physiology I & II online

    which school and did it require a prerequisite class first? I'm trying to get a good A&P online class but most of the classes I see require a Prerequisite class in Biology or so. I'm a second degree student looking to do all my prerequisite this ...
  15. Online Anatomy & Physiology?? (accredited!)

    did they require a prerequisites to take the A&P1