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Hello everyone.

I just signed up to take the NCLEX on August 10 2005. I have like 28 days to study. I would like to know what study review helped you the most and which one came closet to the NCLEX like questions.

I curentlly have SOUNDERS Q and A Review and SOUNDERS COMPUTERIZED REVIEW. Please tell me if these are good or which direction i should go in. As of right now i just been reading horror stories of how people feel after taking the test and that nothing could have prepared them for those questions. Is there any help out there. Should i study at all.

suzanne4, RN

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Saunders, Saunder, Saunders. My favorite series.

Best review, hope that you are doing a tleast 100 questions per day, you should have at least 3000 to 4000 completed before sitting for the exam.

Plus it is very important to go over the rationale behind every sinlge answer, not just doing the questions.

Just do a search for any more info, there are already 1000s of posts listed here on the same topic.

Good luck on your exam.


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I heard Saunders is too comprehensive, but I'm sure its really good. I used Kaplan and would swear by it! I don't think the classroom sessions were that helpful, but the Q Bank is awesome if you really utilize it. You can create your own tests and concentrate where your weaker areas are. I took my boards today and my questions (especially alternative format) were almost identical to the Kaplan questions/format!! Good luck to you!! :)

suzanne4, RN

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You use the CD from Saunders for the review, but you have the book as a back-up to look up anything that you do not understand. Everything is right at your fingertips, why have to use multiple things?

This is what I have used with my students, and each one has passed the first time, and most were not primary English speakers. Your choice, but if they can do it........


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Everybody thank you for your input. I will be starting today to do 150 questions per day as one of you recomended. Its nice that people like you bother to help others like me. I wont forget this thanks again :)

nursing 101

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I love Saunders to death... It actually helps me answer the questions from Kaplan... I took the advice of someone on the board and I have been doing the study portion (I wish I had started long time ago). But as someone also said Saunders is really content, comprehension and Kaplan is really analysis. Both of them make a great combination in my opinion.

But I gotta give it to Saunders, just by doing the comprehensive questions I have been doing good on the Kaplan exams.

Good luck!


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Saunders and NCSBN are by far the best. Saunder's explains the rationales very well which is very important and ncsbn's test questions are the closest to the nclex. I passed due to these study questions.


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hi, i would like to know what is the best material in studying the SATA for the nclex-rn?tnx...

nyema11 RN

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Saunders all the way. I passed boards and I was using Saunders. I was only able to score high on my kaplan bc of Saunders, If you do a hundred to 150 questions from saunders you should be fine. Saunders questions are not as hard as the nclex but they TRULY give you the knowledge base to pass the boards.

I used Saunders for my entire nursing program for test prep. I did all of Kaplan's questions (if you can't afford it, you can do without it). I found the most benefit from NCLEX 4000.

Between Saunders, Kaplan and NCLEX 4000, in total I did 6,500 questions over 2-3 months and in the last two weeks before the test was doing 150-225 per day.

I passed the NCLEX the 1st time.

If I knew about Suzanne's program in time, I would have tried that option -- as many have been successful with her test strategy.

Questions, questions, questions. Be advised if you were a borderline nursing student, then you need to do even more questions.

Good luck.

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