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Hi I was wondering if anyone has any great ideas of what to study for the Nclex, I have so many options hurst, ATI, Sanders, etc.. I want to pass the NClex the first try...I would really appreciate any input.....



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Much here about what worked for whom :)

Many people say they are successful using Saunders Comprehensive Review, the Linda LaCharity book on prioritization, and the Kaplan review book for test strategies.

I would suggest KAPLAN . Do not overload your self. Kaplan was the best. My friend took Hurst review and she passed also . Hurst teaches u the content and KAPLAN strategies. if u think that you can not afford course review, I suggest using Saunders and LACHARITY. I just pass NCLEX.

Best of Luck

My school used ATI throughout the program. It was particularly helpful in the few months after graduating, because I was still able to access my account to take practice exams. I found the questions to be similar to ones I received on the NCLEX, so I feel it was good preparation. I also used the NCLEX 4000 cd to do practice questions, along with Lacharity's Prioritization, Delegation, and Assignment book and Med-Surg Success by Colgrove & Callicoatt. The Lacharity book was very helpful because I got a lot of prioritization/delegation questions on the NCLEX. Saunder's also has a book called Comprehensive Review for the NCLEX-RN Examination, which includes both review and a CD with practice questions. A large amount of my questions were select all that apply, and I have heard many other people say that as well, so make sure you have a lot of practice with those! I would say I did about 200 ?'s a day for a few weeks before I took the test. I took the NCLEX-RN last week and passed with 75 questions. Best of luck to you!!

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