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So I was told all our nursing exams are in nclex format. I begin in less than 2 weeks. I was also told that an nclex review book will be beneficial. Does anyone have tests in this format? Did the nclex review help? Which review book is best that breaks down questions and teaches you thoroughly? Thanks in advance.

Personally I like Saunders nclex book. I don't think the books will really help you since they are more separated by systems/specialties (ie maternity, cardiac, renal, respiratory, etc). For fundamentals I used nclex 3500 and 4000 and used the fundamentals section from each.

saunders 5th helped me a lot in senior year. also it was my main resource for passing the nclex [today!!!!]

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I agree with Saunders books. My school also made every test question NCLEX style. I would study all my materials from class and then look up the section we were studying in my NCLEX book and read the entire section. Sometimes it gave some better tips on how to remember and learn things. I also would do the questions for that section to help me as well.

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Every test I took in nursing school was nclex style. I personally liked the Davis nclex review as it had a cd with like 2,000 questions. You could choose the topic(s) you wanted to review. I used this throughout school as a review. Thought it really helped.

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All our exams have NCLEX-style questions.

I recommend getting MULTIPLE books -- you can get them pretty cheap online or at discount booksellers (just get the previous edition, not the latest version, and you'll save big bucks!). Multiple sources give you the best chance of thoroughly covering a subject. Also, make sure that whatever you get gives RATIONALES for why the answers are right or wrong -- learning to read NCLEX questions is an art unto itself, and the rationales really make a difference in how much you understand about WHY the answer is what it is.

You can also get apps on your phone with NCLEX questions.

Our recommeded book list includes the Pearson reviews and rationales that correspond to each of our classes. It's additional work because none of the professors actually include them in the curriculum, but you get in some studying for upcoming exams and a bonus of beginning to study for NCLEX early! If you buy the books online, make sure you get them with the CDs, they aren't too expensive and you can buy only the ones you want at the time.

I really love them, I tend to go over the sections we have covered a night or two before the exams. I would ask your professors what they recommend, they are the ones writing the exams, so they will have the most important input.

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