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Hi guys, I have a question for the NCLEX exam. My exam start at 8:20 and finished 10:15 my computer shots down in 88 questions.. I got negative results? Hows that happen that still I didn't finish the complete hour its just 1hr half??

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The test ends under one of three circumstance:

1. The person taking the test has demonstrated minimum competency and even if they answer the remainder of the maximum number of questions incorrectly that won't change.

2. The person taking the test has demonstrated a lack of minimum competency and even if they answer the remainder of the maximum number of questions correctly that won't change.

3. The maximum number of questions has been answered.

While there is a maximum allowed amount of time, that does not mean the taker is required to be given the maximum amount of time. NCLEX questions can't be revisited- once answered, it's done. Once the computer makes the determination of meets or does not meet minimum competence, the computer ends the test.

If you answered 88 questions and did not pass, then situation #2 applies to your scenario.

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As it appears from your questions that you failed the exam the first time and don't understand how the test is scored I suggest before you retest that you visit the NCSBN website. There are a lot of candidate resources including an explanation of the CAT [computerized adaptive testing] format as well as study guides and practice questions. 

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NCLEX is a computer adaptive test. The first question is above the pass line. Answering a question correctly will result in the next question to be slightly more difficult. Every incorrect answer will result in a slightly less difficult question. The computer looks at the last 60 questions. If you are within a narrow band (sawtooth pattern) and are above the pass line the entire time, it stops and you pass. If you are in a narrow band, but below the pass line, it will continue to give you questions to allow you to "inch" up above the pass line for 60 questions. If you fall to far below the pass line it will shut off and you fail. It has determined that regardless of the number of questions, you will not be able to pass. Essentially, it has been giving you numerous questions well below the pass line that you are still answering wrong.

It would be beneficial if Pearson Vue would give test takers a graph of how they performed on the test to see how they did throughout the test, but they don't.

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