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NCLEX results on hold


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HI, I took my NCLEX and did the Pearson trick, I was given the pop up that my "test results are on hold and a new registration cannot be made at this time". Any news on what this pop up means? Thanks.

It means that your test results are on hold. Nothing more, nothing less. There is A LOT of commentary on this forum about this very topic, take a look around and you'll answer every question you have :)

Maybe this will help, too: https://allnurses.com/nclex-discussion-forum/nclex-question-read-928430.html

Test results are on hold for a variety of reasons, NONE of which indicates whether you have passed or failed the exam. At some point you might get a different popup (after the 'hold' is lifted), but by then, you also might find your name on your SBON, or have paid the eight bucks to find out Quick Results from PV.

Good luck.

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That's neither good nor bad -- it's on hold. From what I've read on here, it should switch to good or bad eventually.

It could mean pass or fail. I had the same popup for *9 days* (yes, 9 stressful days of waiting), only to find out I failed. It could go either way.


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I've read that it can go either way. Did you happen to finish your exam quickly or at the min or max amount of questions? My test cut off at 93 questions. Thanks in advance.


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It changed to the good pop up one day later...thanks.