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hi everyone!

im taking my nclex pn this weds !!

im scared out of my mind! i got As and Bs throughout school but i am very scared. 4 people i know have taken it and passed it in my class and im next. Ive done very well on hessi exit exams . got 890 and 870 on them. I also took hessi for comps on medsurg and i got a 990 on that.

for the nclex i been readin some saunders. doing some questions and exam cram. I do questions on ATI but i never get more than 68% right???

on saunders im doing about 70% on quizzes.. some 80%

im so scared please help

i feel like i cant study anymore! :/

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First of all....CALM DOWN!! Being nervous is only going to make it worse. You said you have been studying so just go in to take your test with a positive mind and apply what you've learned in school and have studied so far.

Study Hard but Pray Harder!!! Good Luck and you'll be a nurse in no time:nurse:


I took my NCLEX PN boards on September 3, 2010. I studied alot and purchased the on line ATI and I had 205 questions.....the max and I left there feeling like i really bummed the exam and I took it on a Friday and got quick results on the weekend..... I failed.....I kept praying that the number of questions would prove that I had the knowledge and capability of becoming a LPN. I do not know what to do from this point. I hear that I may have to wait 45 to 90 days to retest, so I am hoping that someone out there who has had NCLEX success can help me prepare for the next NCLEX......I really need to pass this time :sstrs: any and all suggestions are greatly appreciated.

GOOD LUCK to those of you up next to take boards.....we are rooting for you!

hey guys i took my nclex. i woke up with a fever and vomiting a lot. so much for having a good breakfast.. i wwas really distracted when taking it and i dont even rem what they asked me but i stopped at 85. i also did the pearson vue trick. it gave me the good pop up... im still scared though!

how accurate is that?

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