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Nclex PN

Zulderick Zulderick (New) New

I took my Nclex PN today, and only had 85 questions......... I'm SCARED of the results!!!!!!!!! I don't feel very confident right now, any thoughts????

Rose_Queen, BSN, MSN, RN

Specializes in OR, education.

Take a deep breath. NCLEX is a life-changing exam. Of course it's normal to be nervous about the results. Many have thought they failed only to learn they did indeed pass- and the national statistics show that the vast majority will pass NCLEX on the first try. However, at this point you can't change the results and worrying isn't going to do anything but stress you out more. Take some time for yourself- treat yourself to a day at the spa, participate in hobbies you haven't had time for while in school, meet up with friends/family for a dinner out.

Yes. I am trying to get some rest, but is hard. Thanks :)

Is 85 still the minimum questions? If so that's good! It shows you're safe to practice nursing. Mine shut off after minimum questions and I passed.

try the PVT


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