Hi all, just wanted to let you know that I spent hours reading over the comments posted on this forum regarding studying for the NCLEX. I thought I would outline briefly how my experience went. First of all, I started with Hurst Review NCLEX-PN. This book and the CD attached were very helpful in terms of test prepping. There are tons of questions and you can break up the number of questions you answer each time you sit down to study. It kind of helped me see where I needed to improve and how I progressed over time. After reading endless forums on here I decided that I needed to work on content. I bought Saunders NCLEX-PN Examination and used that for the rest of my study time. I would say that I studied 2-3 hours daily for 2 weeks and tested, tested, tested each time. I contemplated some of the prep courses but changed my mind because of cost. Honestly, for me, I am glad I chose not to lay out that money because I don't think I needed it. I went in and took the NCLEX on my appointed day and did the PVT and got the good popup. If you aren't sure what the PVT is, just type it in the search bar and you will see that topic elsewhere. Just to be sure I paid and got my early results 48 hours after the test and I passed! The test was actually easier than I thought. LOTS of questions asking to pick "all that apply" and my computer shut off at 90 questions. Hope this helps with all you nervous nurses to be out advice is to get the Saunders book!


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Congrats to you ...I failed with my first attempt at the nclex-pn in March. One thing I did was I was over the top with the review/books from everybody. I needed to find my own place with it. Now I am doing a lot questions everyday, and I am trying to understand what they are asking for sure. The cost of all the review are very high with low income for me. I just need a plan for sure to make this work this time. Was the test very hard? How was the questions?


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Congrats !!!! was this your first time testing


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When are you planning to take the test test is next week....i don't feel confident nor am i nervous. its a weird feeling, idk just going thru the motions. However, i will try my best that's all i can do at this point. For the rest of the week i'll just focus on the 35 page study guide and continue to do questions......please pray and wish my luck....thanks

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I finally got confirmation from the Illinois BON that I am fully licensed and should be getting the hard copy of my license in the mail within the next few days. Best advice is to read each question and practice the multiple answer ones. There were loads of them on the NCLEX and the better you get at answering them the better off you will do. They are the most dreaded because you will keep second guessing yourself, but just move forward and try not to overthink it all. Know your content. Like I said, Saunders is King of Content. Go back to basics and know your diseases, etiology, and basic treatments. I don't remember the NCLEX asking me to delve too deeply into anything. The questions were really a test of your basic knowledge and making sure that you can provide SAFE care. Good luck one and all!!!!