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Hello Everyone!!

I just took my NCLEX -PN Yesterday Sept.13,2010 in Gardena,Ca. The computer shut off @ 185 questions!! I came out of there thinking that i did not pass or fail?? im affraid to try the pearson trick because on the amount of questions i got . In CA its a 4-7 week wait for your results !! Any feed back it would be greatly appericated :uhoh3:

I did mine in Columbus,OH same day as yours, it shut off at 85 and I wished I got more cos I felt I did not do well, I am freaking out and a nevous wreck and just like u kept putting off trying d pearson trick. eventually I did .I got d good pop up and I feel much better now. though I'm still keeping my fingers crossed for the real result. so go 4 it, try d trick it doesnt hurt, might even make u feel better. the number of question does not really matter. people have gone all d way to 205 and still passed.

Thanks for the feed back im going to go thru with it and see what happens?? wish me luck!:confused: I will keep you posted.

Good luck.

I just hope this trick is true cause i got a good pop up and wasn't able to pay again. Its all in gods hands now. wish me luck everyone .I will keep u posted .

I recieved my results on Oct 1,2010 Friday. I PASSED!! IM A NURSE!!!:nurse: The trick did work for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi everone

I took my on Oct,1 and it's shut off at 85(a lots of SATA and priority,1 med,1 nutrition and 1 lab).I have no clue I pass or fail?I did try the trick also I got a good pop up.Do you think this is good sign.I keep do the trick everyday.wish me luck and congreatulation for all the passed!!!


YES!!! The trick does work I took mine NCLEX Sept 13,2010 and i tried the trick two days after only once and I got the good pop up!! I just recieved my results last Friday Oct 1,2010 And I PASSED!! Good Luck Im more than sure u did!! Abt 12 in my class tried it and it also worked for theme :yeah:

congrats..r......... what books did u use to study?

I used The Kaplan Book and Exam cramp w 1000 praactice questions book . good Luck!!

How you do the Pearson trick

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