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I just took my nclex pn on may 22 09, but I havent get my result yet, but something inside me tells me that i did failed the whole exam and the worse part of all this is that I took the test back in february also.

the first time the computer shut off at question number 85 and when I walked out of the testing center i was in shock but after that I had the feeling that I had pass, but true I didnt.

This second time the computer shut off at question 205 which is the max of question presented on the test, I still need to wait for 2 more week in order to get my result since I live in California.

I dont know what elso to do, I really love to help people and to take care and help them to get heal, that its why I decide to become a nurse,:yawn: but I just cant pass my nclex test.

Does anyone kNow if you can work as a CNA if you graduated from a nursing school as LPN? if so I will appriciate some answer from all of you.:bowingpur

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Until you get your results you just can't predict how you did. Everyone feels as if they failed. Wait for your results before you do anything and if you have failed DON'T GIVE UP, take a break, do not rush to resit the exam and start studying again from scratch and look at a plan that suits you


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Don't go getting yourself worked up until you get your results. You will have to take the CNA exam to get a certificate. Contact the certifying authority to get the application. But wait on that course of action until you find out if you failed because LVNs can't get CNA certificates in CA. And good luck.

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