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NCLEX-PN & Saunders Similarities?

Hi! new grad :mortarboard: studying for NCLEX-PN using saunders comprehensive 3rd edition and the saunders 2nd edition Q & A. Just curious, are the questions from the saunders book (or any NLCEX-PN review books) at all what you would expect to find on the actual NCLEX-PN? I am currently scoring 75-85%.. about to break down :( and its next month.. so anxious... some help/advice/pick me up.. anything will do! :mad:

Hi, I passed NCLEX PN in September 2006..You might want to look and read Kaplan also because that book is excellent..

Hi I took my NCLEX PN yesterday, and I studied from Saunders 3rd book and CD. I also studied Kaplan. Dont want to scare you, but both were absolutely of no help to me. It was mostly critical thinking questions and some of the Kaplan strategies helped, but the Saunders questions were relatively easy compared to the actual NCLEX. But everyone has a different test, yours may be different. For example, the prioritization questions were hard to distinguish/eliminate as Kaplan teaches. I cant go into detail, but lets just say airway is not one of the choices, basically I had to eliminate lab values and stuff like that. Don't worry, just concentrate and you will pass. I was so nervous, I will get my results tomorrow. I went to 190 questions, I'm crossing my fingers.

Jules A, MSN

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I took the NLN practice exam and used Saunders to study for the NCLEX. I thought that the actual boards were similar to the NLN practice exam and that both were easier than Saunders. Jmo.

DolphinRN84, BSN, MSN, APRN, NP

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Saunders is a really good study tool to review content. I felt that those questions are much easier than the actual NCLEX itself. I used Saunders and Kaplan together. Kaplan had a lot of critical thinking type questions. I thought they were harder than the actual NCLEX questions- but it was very good practice for the NCLEX. I wish you the best of luck!

Thanks for the post guys! I thought the questions in the Saunders review were too easy.. the answer choices usually point out the obvious. Maybe i'll take a look at kaplan too. Do you think scoring 75-85% on the saunders review is good enough? i'm not sure if i am studying right or if i'm even close to being prepared for the NCLEX.

DolphinRN84, BSN, MSN, APRN, NP

Specializes in Med Surg Cardiology. Has 14 years experience.

Getting 75-85 on Saunders is great. Keep it up! :)

Little Panda RN, ASN, RN

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I used saunders to study for my nclex pn. I felt that it really prepared me for the test. I made sure to always read the rationale whether I got the question right or wrong. I made sure to focus where I knew I was weak and I passed first try with 85 questions.

just curious to know how you did on the NCLEX. well i hope! :)

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