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hey peeps, just wondering how many of you have used nclex 3500/4000 while studying for boards and if they were effective in helping you pass. ive been using a pleothora of different sources(including this nclex 3500/4000) while studying for this test but ive been hearing a lot about this software.

thanks for responses

I would concentrate on learning the material instead of trying to find anything that "mimics" NCLEX style questions. Too much effort in the wrong direction. If you learn the basic concepts you should be able to answer questions correctly no matter how they are written. When I went through the 3500 version, it was my opinion that the material was good for covering the concepts but not so good for approximating NCLEX style questions, but that is my opinion.

Well thanks for the response but ive covered the material, i was just askn, known a few people to use this exclusively and pass boards, my effort has been in the right direction for the past two months.

Any luck with this, OP? I have 3500, but want a free download for 4000. Is there a HUGE difference besides the extra 500 questions?

hey if u inbox me i can send u the link to 4000 and another GREAT source

Can you email me the link please?

[email protected]

hello...can you email it to me too? [email protected] in advance.

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