Nclex - I passed on 2nd try!! *read*

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I think people stress themselves out hearing all of these people on here saying you need to study yourself to death to pass nclex. Doesn't everyone remember this is what they did to us in Nursing school. We were always hearing about "next semester is where everyone fails and drops out" or "last semester is High Acuity and only half the students pass". Why did we fall for this? I failed Nclex 3 times after trying Kaplan and Hurst. I did the Nursity program and studied 90 minutes a day and passed. But I'm also a man and we are more likely to fail Nclex. Don't cause yourself massive anxiety listening to all of these people tell you to cram for months to pass Nclex.

What's the difference between Hurst and Nursity? I have done the Hurst review but I have failed the NCLEX the first time.


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Hi guys! I have sent out the email to everyone who left their email address on her till this very post. Goodluck!


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Congrats on passing the NCLEX, your study tips are great! Would you please e-mail your besties notes? [email protected]. Thanks!!😀


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Hey can you send the info to [email protected], I did not receive it from a previous post. Thanks for your help!!

Hey sweetheart I am in dire need of help too! Would you please help me out as well with those notes? I so much appreciate your time! :))

Myemail is [email protected]


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Hi Congratulations! I'm interested to the notes,please do send me;[email protected] Thank you in advance!


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congratulations!!! you did it well... pease help, can you also send me the notes that you have :) this is my email address [email protected]

thank you so much and good luck RN

Please email me your notes as well to [email protected]


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Congratulations! Could you please email me your notes to [email protected] Good luck with everything!


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Congrats and could you please send me the email with attachments. My email is [email protected]. Thanks in advance.


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Congrats on the perserverance!

I am a senior nursing student gearing up to study for the NCLEX and this story made me feel 10x better.

If you do not mind, can you forward me the email with the content from your bestfriend?

my email is [email protected]


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Hey guys I just sent the email to everyone up until this point. Good luck!

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