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NCLEX Help!! Failed for the second time!


Hey all, found out I didnt pass for the second time. Feeling pretty devastated this time around because I had my dream job set up and now I have to forfeit that opportunity. But I know that this is my calling in life and I have to pick up the pieces and move on and I know that maybe God has something even better out there for me. But still, super depressed. It sucks telling everyone I didnt pass, and now I dont get to work. I also live in CA where its like impossible to get a job. I was one of five people out of 200 to get hired so yeah, feeling pretty upset.

Ok, so I need some advice. The first time I took the test all I did was Kaplan questions and that did not help me at all. This last time I did the Saunders review book, Lipincott alternate question book. The PDA book and lipincotts Q&A book. I felt so confident going in this time like I was going to nail it! But, I didnt. I feel like when I am taking the test I cant get past basic level questions to get up to the level of harder questions in order to pass. When I study, I feel like the critical questions are the ones that I get right and love answering but for some reason the basic level stuff just seems harder. I dont know it its because I psyche myself out or what but I am looking for some tips. I am so tired of studying and I really just want to pass this next time!! Please help!! Thanks.

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((HUGS)) Thread moved for best advice.

Hello please don't give up I took it 3 times and finally passed I did the ncsbn review it's really helpful

NCSBN is a good one. It's straightforward just like NCLEX…good luck!

have a break ... enjoy yourself first, then of course... try again in a different approach..

just stay focused and believe that you can. ;) be positive as your not alone to this journey...

more motivation, more fun!

Thanks everyone! I forgot that I also did the NCBSN review too. I did the three week one. Maybe I should do it again. Perhaps I did too many things and I should just stick with one.