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This will be my second time taking this test, and I just want to pass it!!! The first time I took all 265 ?'s and I let my nerves, anxiety, stress, and anger get the best of me. I feel that I may have also rushed through it because of being timed. This time around I chose to study with Kaplan and I do think it has helped me. My scores are pretty consistent from 55-66% with a few lower scores. I just took my readiness and scored a 66. I know that means I'm good but I'm more worried about my emotions going into the test than I am about the test itself! I have chosen to tell nobody except my husband to help keep the pressure off, I am going up the night before so I don't have to drive an hour and half right before the test, and I will be staying with a friend who passed her NCLEX with kaplan so maybe I can get a few more tips! Does anyone have any ideas on how I can RELAX!! I don't want a repeat of last time..I didn't eat for 5 days before, couldn't sleep, and all I could think about was I HAD to study so I studied everyday including the day of..big mistake! So of course when I got to the test and I got comfortable I was starving, constipated, and cold HAHA not a good day! I am hoping I have learned from my mistakes and I know I feel more prepared and confident in my knowledge so I'm hoping for good results!


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Good luck, I took NCLEX for the first time today and also used Kaplan to study. My test shut off after #75. I think if you have put the effort into doing the Qbank and working through those Question Trainers, especially 5-7 b/c they are LONG, you will be fine. I think Kaplan prepared me to really answer and think about questions. The rationales also were great, hopefully you've read through them after your tests...even if you got them right!

Take a deep breath--take control of the test, don't let the test take over you. If you feel yourself beginning to panic--raise your hand and take a break. I know during my test there were a few times where I had to sit for a second and pull myself back together. My test shut off before the first break which was at 2 hours in, but the proctor said we could take a break if we needed anytime; you just had to raise your hand.

Don't study at all tomorrow! On Tuesday, I went for a run and then treated myself to a manicure and pedicure. Just anything that you find relaxing is what you should do before the test.

Good luck to you, think of your NCLEX as Question Trainer #8 and kick its butt...let us know how it goes!

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Take care of yourself. Eat plenty of carbs and protein before the exam. Your brain needs food. Keep us posted. I pray you pass!


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Thanks for the tips! I paid a lot of attention to the rationales, on the questions I was unsure of I wrote down the rationales and read over them every night and I also read over every single one of them! But your right, I do need to remember to relax. With the 265 questions i took last time it took me 4.5 hours and I chose not to take any breaks (stupid decision!) so I know I will have plenty of time, and hopefully I won't have to do all the questions again if I utilize Kaplan the way I am supposed to. The trouble I run into are the SATA, and when I have absolutely NO CLUE what the answer is. Those are the questions that take up most of my time.

Thanks for your help, it boosts my confidence to see how others are doing with the help of Kaplan. I hope you passed!!!!!!

eat something salty like chips or some kind of cracker. it'll help the synapses. =)

take your time on the first 75. it's amazing how many simple mistakes you make rushing.


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I take my test friday as well! I to did the Kaplan- it was required of our school. I chose not to tell anyone ( besides my parents and a few select friends) that I am taking the NCLEX- I didn't feel its the worlds responsibility to know when I take the NCLEX and If/When I pass it ( aka- facebook haha) I wish you luck! I have had some great scores on Kaplan- but at this point I find most of it is just repition- which is why tomorrow I will be doing my PN flashcards and reviewing some lab values. It's odd but I am really calm and not anxious- where as 2 weeks ago I had anxiety everyday, even just driving to work ( which is at the craft store michaels...not a whole lot of stress there ya know .) * Good Luck* Remember: I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength & you ARE an RN/LPN ( didn't remember which one you were taking.)

*best wishes*


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Breathe breathe breathe! And yes take the breaks whenever you feel like to. Dont get bother if everyone is testing faster than you - test at your own pace. Take one question at a time. Rest well before the day of your exam and eat a moderate breakfast on your exam day - carbs, protein. Bring in some chocolate or candies with you and take them on your break. Good luck! Keep us posted. :)


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Thank you all for the great advice!! I will definitely eat breakfast this time around! I am going to try the PVT after my test as well, I didn't do it last time because I knew in my heart I blew it. I feel more confident and prepared this time but I'm not sure of how to use the PVT do I just re-register or do I have to schedule a test. I also never took my LPN boards because there was too much going on in my life after graduation and once everything calmed down I had one term left in my RN year so not having a clue of what I was walking into scared me. I am hoping to be able to post good news :)

@Fina11ykym GOOD LUCK!!! I will be praying for you! Let me know how you do.


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@Fina11ykym: I felt the exact same way about people knowing! I didn't want the extra stress of it--can't wait to get my 'unofficial' results from Pearson tomorrow, so I can shout it out on my social network! HahHA. Good luck girls!


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just don't do those things that didn't make you passed the first try. trust me it will pull you down. be confident! claim that your already a registered nurse! :) if they can do it, we can do it too! just believe! we've been bruised, shot, boomed and hit so hard by our schools with different exams and quizzes etc in order for us to graduate...and now reviews for us to be 'well' prepared. this is what we've been preparing for all our nursing life, we're just one lil' step behind. take that small step on passing nclex and we're already there! rock on! \m/ we can do this! im also taking the exam. good luck to us! :) on the day of the exam just be yourself! focus. pray. take a deep breath and fight fight fight! :nurse:


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@nursetobe1a86 GOOD LUCK!!!! I feel in my heart that I've got this, now I'm just praying I don't freeze up or get a butt load of questions of stuff I have never seen before. I can't remember what my test was like last time because it was 6 months ago, but you are right..I'm doing things totally different so far and I'm going to keep it that way :)


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Just take a deep breath and read each question thoroughly. I believe that was my problem the first time I took the exam, I rushed my way through it. Also, confidence is key!! Say to yourself before beginning " I GOT THIS, I WILL PASS THIS TEST"!! Best of luck to you.