Nclex- Failing Boards Twice, Looking for Tutor or help

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Hi I have taken boards twice. The first time I got 114 questions and the second time I got 159 questions. I am looking for some help or advice from anyone. I did Kaplan twice, and studied content from the Kaplan & Saunders book. I was scoring in the 60s on my Kaplan question trainers and on the qbank tests. I was hoping someone around the St. Louis area might have a recomendation for someone who tutors or a new approach to studying. I am grateful for any help or advice someone can give me. Thank you very much! :)

Persistence will pay off. Do not give up.

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What I did to help me pass the boards was I studied the saunders book as well as gotten the 5000 question saunders book for practice. I would do 150 questions a day until I took the test.

I also did the Hurst Review online and thought that it was really helpful. I know it would be extra money for you, but it really helped me out and made things make sense.

Don't give up. You can do it!

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