Can I have my NCLEX-RN passing letter reissued?

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Dear allnurses,

Good day! I passed my NCLEX-RN exam and received the passing letter in 2008. After that, I didn't register under any state because of life transitions and realized the letter was gone. Is there any possibility that I can have the passing letter re-issued and how? 

I appreciate your time and replies. 


Ivy Liu

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Hi Ivy,

I recommend you reach out to NCLEX to get it sorted out!

Here is their website contact information: Exam Contacts | NCSBN

When I completed my NCLEX we no longer get a physical copy of passing, we receive our results online, so I can imagine it wouldn't be too difficult for them to send a letter via e-mail? I'm sure they can pull up your records. Best of luck! 


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Thank you so much for the info, I will definitely reach out to see how it works. 👍

Have a good one!



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