Shut off at 85

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Hey everyone...

I took my NCLEX yesterday at 8 am. I felt good on majority of the questions BUT the answer choices were very iffy... it felt like a fever dream... the last question I definitely knew and that's when it shut off after I answered. 

I'm very worried and I'll find out tomorrow if I passed...I've always very well during school. ATI told me I had a 96 to 97% chance of passing NCLEX and I've never had to repeat an ATI test.

it was just very different from how our tests were, which is expected because it's the NCLEX... it was so scary

Can I have some words of encouragement?

You most likely passed. 85 is the first pass condition. Welcome to the club.

I passed!! ❤️❤️

From what I understand of the testing process, the least amount of questions you would answer is 75. You answered 85. I believe that you may congratulate yourself for passing the NCLEX. When I took the test, everyone in the country was required to take the test on the same 2 days, in July 1983. We did it with paper and pencil. I got the results in September.

No 85 is the minimum.

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Sounds like you've passed. Congratulations!


 I just got finished taking my NCLEX and it shut off at 85. Did you feel confident because I do NOT 😭 I feel like I don't even remember what happened? Anyone else feel that way?

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