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Would it be possible to write NCLEX RN from the different states (eg. California and Montana) but same testing centre in a different examination date ( Monday exam for Cali and Wednesday for Montana) ? Just curious:uhoh21:

Thank you so much.

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I don't think they allow multiple testing sessions. You have to apply for licensing to the state you want a license from, providing an instate address. I would call one of the state boards and ask this question. But it doesn't seem like something that is allowed. No need for it. Once you pass, you pass. So passing the first exam would negate the need for the second exam.


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That make sense...

Thanks very much:bow:

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It is not permitted, you cannot be registered with Pearson-Vue for two different states. There is also no reason to need to write the exam twice, the results are valid for all 50 states as well as US territories.

Once you get one license, then you can apply for endorsement to the second state, or as many as you wish.

Please be aware that if you are going to test for CA, they will not issue a license without a SSN#. Noticed that you were from Canada.


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I have similar question, so I called pearsonvue testing center and spoke with someone there if I can take the exam in another state but registered for licensing in a different state, and the response was you can take it anywhere bec it's just a testing center. You can take the test anywhere you want as long as you specify that you want to be licensed on a particular state where you want to work.

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You can write the exam anywhere they you please, you can go to Europe and write the exam or even go to Hawaii and write the exam while on vacation.

The question that is being asked is if they can sit for the exam two times in one week for two different states. That is not permitted by Pearson-Vue, you can only be registered with them for one state at one time and that is the point that was being made here. Pearson-Vue does not permit one to be registered for two different states with them at the same time.

There is also no reason to write the exam twice, the one result can be used all over the country. Location of where an exam is actually written has no bearing on anything.

The above poster needs to sit for the exam for one state and then just endorse to the new state once they have a license number issued. No reason to pay for the exam two times either.

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