Nclex exam score 07-15-2014

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Hows everybody doing,

Anyways about to take the big exam; in 7 days and wanted any opinions on my score.

1. Saunders "4th Edition" average for the past 3weeks is (68-72%).

2. NCSBN 5weeks review course average on first try on all topic (48-60%).

3. Free online NCLEX 3500 average (68-76%).

4. Free online NCLEX PN 3000 average (70-74%).

(trying to get some extra questions in with this one)

Like most recommendation; I'm reviewing all the rationality and taking my time.

So any opinion would help. Thank you everyone.

Well, technically, your scores look fine IMO. But like you said, what is important is reading the rationales and understanding why you got answers wrong (and right for that matter). Truth is people have passed with low scores, high scores, and everything else in between.

Good Luck on boards.

Thankzzz RN403

Even though nobody really replied. I repost anyways.

On July 19, 2014 I took my CA PN exam (85 Question) and I'm getting the pvt good pop up but still waiting for the official letter. Hopefully soon cause its been 10days.

Besides that I also took the NCLEX RN exam for Texas and I got the result for that. Its a foreigner story on why I took both exam but anyways. 10mins after walking out of PearsonVue......I got the dreaded bad pvt pop; where it takes you to CC page...I got to (76question)... I felt like the exam was easier then the PN but obviously thats not the case.....anyways fast forward 48hours later after taking the exam and purchase of pearsonvue unofficial result and "Fail," Dammmmmm.....I got to restudy aaaagain so I can try to do better......wish you all luck on yours

Congrats on the PN!!! I'm taking mine for RN next week so I don't have any advice but I am sorry.

Thanks. I dont know if you want this advice but I plan to personally concentrate on it myself but do alttile more brushing up on your priority and delegation area cause there was alot on it on; will atleast for my exam.

[h=1]Check out Prioritization, Delegation, and Assignment: Practice Exercises for the NCLEX Examination, 3e.[/h]It is a great book with rationals that I am studying. I too failed the NCLEX so I am working on areas where I feel that I may be lacking.

Yea, I read the review that people posted about that book...thats why I ordered it online yesterday....thank you