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in the nclex the same everywhere, or is it harder in some states?


I went to school in California but plan on working in Maryland. My initial plan was to just take the n-clex in MD, but a teacher told me that it would be better to be both licensed in CA and MD because the CA test is harder and would add some credibility.

I've just been told by another instructor that the tests are identical everywhere, so being California licensed means nothing. Can you please tell me who is correct?

I have already submitted my application for the CA n-clex, so my plan is to stay in CA until I take it. As I understand, if I am licensed in CA I can become endorsed by MD by some extra paperwork?

I don't know how long the endorsement process takes, and of course I want to be as time efficient as possible, so if that means just taking the test twice (in each state) to save a month or two, paying the extra fees would be worth it to me.

I just don't know what to do right now...

Hope that was not confusing.

nvm, i just found out that it is a national exam, so it is the same everywhere. so now my main priority is getting endorsed in md after i pass in ca.

If you know you're going to MD, you do have the option of applying for licensure in MD and skipping the additional time and expense of applying and getting licensed in CA and then endorsing to MD. One of the advantages of the NCLEX being nationally standardized now is that you can apply for licensure in the state of your choice, and then physically take the exam anywhere that's convenient for you. You don't have to take the exam in the state to which you're applying.

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Above poster is correct. Why pay CA if you have NO intention of working there also is what I want to know??